Ohio Local Foods

From Cincinnati chili recipes to Ohio winery listings, this guide to Ohio Local Foods will you started buying and eating—not to mention appreciating—local foods throughout the Buckeye State. 

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    Ohio Seasonal Produce & Farmers Markets


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    Ohio is rich in farmland and excellent growing conditions, even if the season may be a bit shorter than locals might like. Find out what's in season in Ohio with this ​guide to Ohio seasonal fruits & vegetables, and then head to one of Ohio's many farmer's markets. Look for certified markets that sell only locally grown or produced goods. Get started finding markets near you with this guide to Ohio farmers markets.

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    Ohio Favorites: Buckeye Candies


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    Buckeye candies are peanut butter balls formed to look like the nut of the buckeye tree. Plus, they're easy to make! 

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    Ohio Favorites: Cincinnati Chili

    Cincinnati "Skyline" Chili

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    There are competing recipes and ideas about Cincinnati Chili. A certain amount or a bit of Greek-style seasoning (especially oregano) is usually involved, but the key is serving the sauce under the noodles (and a blanket of cheese).

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    Ohio Favorites: Lake Fish

    fried walleye
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    Whether from the Great Lakes or smaller lakes and rivers in Ohio, freshwater fish abounds in the Buckeye State. Fish for them yourself and then cook them up with these guides:

    • Fishing In Lake Erie
    • Fishing for Walleye in Ohio
    • How to Catch Walleye
    • Potato-Crusted Walleye
    • Grilled Walleye
    • Shore Lunch, this version uses potato chips for the crust (We're partial to crushed crackers, but any crispy crunchy items works)
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    Ohio Favorites: Mike-Sell's Potato Chips

    potato chips
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    Regional snack food companies are increasingly rare, but Mike-Sell's Potato Chips ​are still based in Dayton, where it was founded in 1910. Mike Sell's chips are still fried in peanut oil, making for a crispy, delicate, full-flavored snacking experience.

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    Ohio Favorites: Paczki

    Polish Paczki doughnuts

    The Spruce

    Paczki is Polish-style filled doughnuts popular in Cleveland. This paczki recipe will get you on your way.

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    Ohio Favorites: Pawpaws!

    Pawpaw Festival in Ohio

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    Pawpaws would appear (and taste) to be a cross between an avocado, a mango, and a pear. It is also known as the "prairie banana" because of its creamy texture. Ohioans celebrate this unique fruit each year at the Ohio Pawpaw Festival.

    Note: In some parts of the world the name "pawpaw" is another name for papaya. The pawpaws that grow in Ohio are a completely different fruit!

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    Ohio Wineries

    Vineyard in Ohio
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    Yes, Ohio has wineries. Go wine tasting, or just enjoy buying and drinking locally made wine from locally grown grapes at Ohio Wineries. You can also check out Ohio Ice Wine, an intensely sweet wine made from grapes allowed to freeze (and thus dry out) before being pressed into what many consider to be liquid gold.

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    More Ohio Foods: Maple Syrup, Honey, Apples

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    Not everyone knows that Ohio makes a fair amount of maple syrup. Find a Sugar House with this guide.

    Like most states, there are honey producers making the state of Ohio sweeter as well. Learn more about Ohio Honey.

    Johnny Appleseed made his way across Ohio. 

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    Ohio Local Foods Resources

    Market stall
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    Find events, ideas, and like-minded people with these local foods resources in Ohio.

    • Ohio Foodshed
    • Slow Food Northern Ohio

    Get truly Ohio-seasonal with The Locavore's Kitchen by Marilou K. Susko. It's filled with recipes using ingredients easily available to Ohio locavores!