Step by Step: Old Fashioned Chocolate Icebox Dessert

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    Gather Your Ingredients

    Chocolate Icebox Dessert Step 1: vanilla
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    Let's make old fashioned chocolate icebox dessert. This excellent and delicious recipe is very easy to make. You'll need a pint of heavy whipping cream (do NOT substitute nonfat cream or light cream or evaporated milk), 1/2 cup powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla, and some plain crisp chocolate cookies.

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    Combine Powdered Sugar, Cream, and Vanilla

    Chocolate Icebox Dessert Step 2
    Linda Larsen

    In a large bowl, place the cream, then add the powdered sugar and vanilla. If you want to make this even easier, chill the bowl and the beaters in the freezer for about 15 minutes before you start the recipe. That will make the cream thicken more quickly and easily as you beat it.

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    Beat Cream

    Mixer attachments in cream
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    There are several ways to beat the cream. You can use a hand-held electric mixer, as I did, and beat on low speed to start, gradually increasing the speed to high as the cream thickens. Or you can use a wire whisk or eggbeater and beat by hand. Or you can beat the cream in a stand mixer.

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    Stop When Cream Forms Stiff Peaks

    Whipped cream peak
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    When the cream looks like the picture, it is done. The cream will form stiff peaks; that is, the cream will hold a peak and not droop when the beaters are lifted from the mixture. Don't overbeat cream or it may become grainy. And don't under beat it either, or the cream will not hold onto the cookies and your dessert will fail.

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    Top Cookies with Cream

    Chocolate Icebox Dessert Step 5
    Linda Larsen

    Start assembling the dessert. First, spread a strip of whipped cream down the center of your serving platter so the bottom of the cookies is in contact with cream. Then start spreading a generous dollop of cream on top of a cookie. Place it in the cream.

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    Build the Dessert

    Chocolate Icebox Dessert Step 6
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    When you have frosted three cookies, you can start stacking them. Put the cookies together, with the heavy cream all facing the same way. The cookies should stand upright in the cream on the plate. Gently press one cookie into the other so the cookies are completely covered by the cream. Continue until the plate is filled with cookies. You may need to make two rolls if your serving plates aren't really long.

    When you have about one-third of the cream left, stop stacking the cookies.

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    Frost the Stacked Cookies

    Chocolate Icebox Dessert Step 7
    Linda Larsen

    When the cookie roll is complete, frost the outside generously with the remaining whipped cream. Be sure to coat the cookies thickly and evenly, and don't let any of the cookies show through the cream. Carefully push the cream around the bottom sides of the cookies, sealing it to the plate.

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    Chill the Dessert

    empty refrigerator
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    This dessert has to chill for at least eight hours; overnight is even better. The cookies will soften as they absorb moisture from the cream, and the cream will become stiffer, more like frosting, as it loses moisture to the cookies. Cover with plastic wrap before you put the dessert in the fridge.

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    Slice the Dessert on an Angle

    Chocolate Icebox Dessert Step 9
    Linda Larsen

    The dessert must be sliced on an angle, otherwise you're just cutting between the cookies. This makes the cookies look like little slices of cake embedded in cream. Use a sharp knife and work carefully. See how the cookies are thicker, as they have absorbed moisture? They have a wonderful soft texture but still have some substance.

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    Chocolate Icebox Dessert Step 10
    Linda Larsen

    You can fancy up the dessert plates by sprinkling cocoa powder on them. Put a bit of cocoa powder in a small sieve and gently shake over each plate. If you put a doily down first, you'll get a pretty pattern when you lift up the doily.

    You can also use chocolate syrup to make a pattern on the plate before adding the dessert. Then drizzle a tiny bit of the syrup over the dessert before serving. Enjoy!

    If you would like even more chocolate in your dessert, make Chocolate Chocolate Icebox Dessert using the same method.