One Chicken - Four Meals

Simple, whole roast chicken is a favourite meat for a Sunday roast, and also ideal for midweek suppers. It is indisputably a delicious way to eat chicken. However, how many times have you cooked a whole chicken, eaten sufficient then been faced with cold chicken for a few days or worse still, putting the chicken in the bin.

With a little careful planning, you can become inventive with the leftovers by purposefully planning what to do with the bird, carcass and all before you start.

The chicken will be the star player in the first dish and support other ingredients in the rest, so you do need to buy a large chicken, one much bigger than you think you may need. It may cost a little more but you are going to create much more than just one meal.

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    Start with Simple and Delicious Lemon Roast Chicken

    Roast Chicken Recipe
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    First the roast chicken. Here are two of my favourite recipes. Either of these recipes can be served at a traditional Sunday Roast, though, with the lemon chicken, you may not want to serve the Yorkshire puddings; this recipe is bettered suited to the summer. 

    Once you have served the chicken, take the leftover chicken, let it cool thoroughly then wrap and store in the refrigerator.

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    Recipe 2: Bubble and Squeak with Chicken

    Elaine Lemm

    Bubble and Squeak is a charmingly named dish served on a Monday and using leftovers from a Sunday lunch. A traditional Bubble and Squeak is pan-friedfavoriteor in the fancy version, the vegetables are joined by fried eggs and baked in the oven. A complete meal in the pan.

    Take your leftover chicken, and pick the chicken of large pieces of both white and dark meat. Do not strip the chicken, take only the meat you need. 

    Add the cooked chicken to any of these three Bubble and Squeak Recipes for a lovely light supper or lunch dish. 

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    Recipe 3 and 4: Chicken Stock, Soup and a Summer Roll

    Summer Rolls with Dipping Sauce
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    Now it is time to cook the chicken carcass. The carcass and all the remaining bits of meat are precious in making not only a chicken stock but turning this remaining gold into a beautiful and easy chicken consomme. The consomme can then be served as a lovely light lunch with crusty ciabatta bread and a salad. Or, used as a starter for a main meal. 

    Once you strain the stock to create the soup, keep the carcass to one side, let it cool and once cooled, pick out any remaining bits of chicken. You do not need much just enough to add to the prawns in a tasty, summer roll. The chicken may have been cooked again but will still have flavor and when added to the fresh, vibrant ingredients in the summer roll.

    Summer rolls can be used in many ways, as a snack, as a lunch or even dinner when accompanied by a salad. Pop summer rolls into a lunch box or take on a picnic. Delicious. 

    And there you have it, four meals from one chicken needing just a little time. Makes it well worth buying that larger chicken and the recipes are so delicious, well worth the effort.