One Loaf Bread Small Batch Recipes

Sometimes you only want to bake one loaf of bread, especially if you are a small family or if you're trying out a new type of bread. Here are ten delicious yeast bread recipes that only make one loaf of bread.

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    Easy Beginner's Bread


    The Spruce

    This simple, beginner's white bread is a very versatile one loaf recipe. Fruits and nuts can easily be added to the dough to make delicious breakfast breads, and the dough can also be shaped into dinner rolls.

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    Whole Wheat Bread

    Slices of whole wheat bread

    Marc Grimberg / The Image Bank / Getty Images

    Flavored with honey, this simple whole wheat bread is a great beginner's bread. Serve toasted at breakfast, make slices into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at lunch, and serve buttered at dinner.

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    Buckwheat Molasses Bread

    Home-baked buckwheat bread and kitchen knife on paper and wood
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    When you first start baking breads, likely won't know how to use the buckwheat flour, but through trial and error, you can create this delicious buckwheat bread that is flavored with molasses.

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    Oatmeal Bread

    Stack of sliced oatmeal bread

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    In the colder months, heavy breads are essential for keeping bellies warm and full. This easy oatmeal bread is great for breakfast on cold mornings and the slices make a fantastic french toast.

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    Beer Bread

    Beer Bread
    Janet Hudson/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    A delicious white bread flavored with beer, this is a perfect party and sandwich bread.

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    Sour Cream White Bread

    Loaf of Bread
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    Sour cream makes this single loaf bread moist. This bread is heavenly when eaten fresh out of the oven and it's a great sandwich bread.

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    Anadama Bread

    Anadama bread
    punkin3.14/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

    This famous New England bread is a great autumn and winter bread to serve at dinner. It's made with cornmeal and unbleached bread flour, and it's flavored with molasses.

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    Fresh Parsley Bread

    Parsley Bread

    Alina555/Getty Images

    Here's a great way to make use of the parsley you have growing in your garden or on your windowsill. Fresh parsley bread is great for picnics, sandwiches, and it's a perfect bread to serve ​with chicken rice soup.