The 3 Kitchen Organization Tools Everyone Needs, According to a Pro

We talked to organizing expert Janelle Williams to get her must-have tools.

Fridge Organization
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If you’re looking to cook more in 2023, having a well-organized kitchen is key. And while buying more things to reduce your overall clutter sounds counterintuitive, the right tools can actually help to streamline your cabinets, fridge, and pantry. 

To help us find the essentials, we reached out to Janelle Williams, a professional organizer and the owner of Organized by JWC. We asked Janelle which items she considers to be the most impactful in the kitchen, and learned that she uses these three key organizational tools in many of her clients’ kitchens.

DecoBros Expandable Stackable Kitchen Cabinet and Shelf Organizer

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1. Shelf Risers

Cursed with minuscule cabinets or limited counter space? Shelf risers are the perfect tool for maximizing your vertical space. They come in dozens of shapes and sizes, and are a simple way to create an additional level on your kitchen countertop or cabinet. “They ca double, sometimes triple, the amount of space that you have,” explains Williams, who especially loves using them for cups and other dishware. 

Our top pick: DecoBros Expandable Stackable Kitchen Cabinet and Shelf Organizer

Crisp Turntable With Handles

2. Turntables

These versatile rotating stands have actually been hard at work in kitchens dating back to the 1800s! A turntable or two can make it significantly easier to reach the items at the back of your pantry, or the neglected cleaning supplies under your sink.

Williams employs them in many different spaces to ensure her clients can see and easily access all of their items. “You can use turntables in the refrigerator, your pantry, and your cabinets. I use them a lot for spices in my cabinet. You can use them for condiments in the refrigerator, or oils in the pantry, too,” explains Williams.  

Our top pick: iDesign + The Spruce Crisp Turntable with Handles

mDesign Large Kitchen Can Storage Bin


3. Can Organizers

For those of us whose overstuffed home pantries are on the verge of expanding to the size of community food pantries, a simple can organizer is a great way to self-limit future purchases and keep track of canned goods. We also like to use them to sort items by expiration date. 

Williams says, “You’ll see people throw [cans] in the pantry with no rhyme or reason; using a can organizer helps you see exactly how much of an item you have.” Though she mostly uses them in the pantry, they’re also great in the fridge for sodas, sparkling waters, and other canned beverages.

Our top pick: mDesign Large Standing Kitchen Can Dispenser Storage Organizer Bin