Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

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The Spruce

To end racism, we must fight actively against it. Leadership has to come from every source of power and today, especially from businesses. Our website has not done our part editorially or organizationally. We publish the work of so many writers, photographers, and illustrators, but few are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC). There are no Black editors on our staff. This is unacceptable. Addressing these deficiencies is the foundation of our commitment.

Food, at its heart, is a celebration of culture and history. As a food website, we believe that we can make a lasting difference by focusing on the people we work with, who we pay, and what we choose to publish. 

Here is our commitment:

  • We will actively recruit and promote Black and POC writers, food professionals, and recipe developers to create and test recipes, report stories, create visuals, and edit articles. By September 30, we pledge that at least 15 percent of our new content will be created by BIPOC, excluding existing members of our editorial team. 
  • We will amplify and normalize the work of Black members of the food community on our social media platforms. By September 30, at least 20 percent of our Instagram stories will feature BIPOC food professionals.
  • We will consciously work to reduce unconscious bias within our content. By November 30, we pledge to review content that accounts for 50 percent of our traffic to make sure it appropriately acknowledges and celebrates the cultural origins of the recipes.
  • We will post about our work each quarter to update you on our progress.

We hope and plan to get a lot right, but we know we will get some things wrong. We expect these goals to evolve and expand. We look forward to hearing from our readers and listeners about how we can continue to improve.

Thank you for your readership and the opportunity to make our site even better. This is the beginning.


Eric, Heather, Patty, Jess, Todd, Victoria, Brooke, Kate, Kristin

Editors, The Spruce Eats