Our 19 Favorite Hummus Recipes

Hummus with Tahini in bowl with pita and sliced cucumbers on table

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Hummus is a spreadable dip that is traditionally made from chickpeas. (In fact, hummus is the Arabic word for chickpea.) It's also one of the oldest foods known to humankind, dating back to ancient Egypt.

Hummus is probably one of the best known Middle Eastern foods, due to its popularity worldwide. This chickpea-based dip can be found in most grocery stores in North America and on many non-Middle Eastern restaurant menus.

If you frequent Middle Eastern restaurants and eat hummus, you know that hummus tastes different everywhere. Some types of hummus have a zesty lemon flavor, some have a strong garlic flavor, some hummus dips are mild, and yet others are spicy. When making your own hummus at home, you'll want to keep your own taste buds in mind. Part of the fun of making hummus is that it's a versatile recipe, that you can adjust easily to suit your own culinary preferences.

Hummus is perfect for enjoying as an appetizer with pita wedges, crackers, tortilla chips, or vegetable sticks. You can also use it as a flavorful condiment for sandwiches and wraps. Also, you can even freeze leftover hummus.

When serving hummus as a dip, you can drizzle a bit of olive oil on top or sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese or red pepper flakes for a more interesting presentation. Other add ons include roasted garlic, preserved lemon, chili oil, green salsa, and smoked paprika. Serve hummus in brightly colored bowls to add excitement.

Here are some excellent hummus recipes that have a variety of ingredients to make traditional Middle Eastern hummus even more enticing.

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    Classic Hummus With Tahini

    Hummus With Tahini

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    Want to make the traditional hummus that's been popular for centuries? Here's the ultimate classic recipe for this Middle Eastern dip, which includes tahini (sesame paste). Tahini gives hummus its characteristic nuttiness, fattiness, and slightly bitter flavor. Don't be tempted to skip it in this recipe.

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    Hummus Without Tahini

    Hummus without tahini in bowl on plate with pita triangles

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    Traditional hummus recipes are made with tahini, but if you have an allergy to sesame, here's an alternative hummus recipe to try. This hummus without tahini recipe uses olive oil instead to add texture and smoothness.

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    Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

    Roasted red pepper hummus

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    The sweetness and smokiness of roasted red peppers make a fantastic way to kick up the flavor of the traditional hummus recipe a notch. This easy hummus recipe that's made in a food processor uses store-bought or homemade roasted red peppers to add extra flavor.

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    Black Bean Hummus

    Black bean hummus

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    Southwestern cuisine meets a favorite Middle Eastern recipe in this protein- and antioxidant-rich hummus recipe that uses black beans instead of the traditional chickpeas. Serve this yummy appetizer dip with crackers or tortilla chips.

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    Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

    Sun-dried tomato hummus

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    Sun-dried tomato hummus is super easy to make, and a great way to add variety to your appetizer table at parties and cookouts. Just a handful of ingredients go into this easy hummus dip recipe you can whip up in minutes in your food processor.

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    Cauliflower Hummus Recipe

    Cauliflower Hummus

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    This cauliflower hummus is a low-carb and keto-friendly twist on traditional hummus made with chickpeas. Cauliflower lends a lighter mouthfeel, while the tahini and olive oil still give it that classic silkiness. Paprika and cumin lend it a smoky quality that complements the sweetness of pan-fried or roasted cauliflower. (However, you can boil it as well.) Use it as a dip or low-fat spread on your favorite sandwiches, pitas, or even on ciabatta. It's perfect for your next potluck, party, or Tuesday night dinner.

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    Sweet Potato Hummus

    Sweet Potato Hummus

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    Sweet potato hummus is a perfect autumn dip. The recipe uses a single sweet potato along with canned chickpeas, tahini, and garlic. Since it's cooked and mashed for the hummus, this is also an excellent use for leftover sweet potatoes.

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    Spinach and Feta Hummus

    Spinach and Feta Hummus

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    Planning a Greek-inspired feast of kebabs or gyros this summer? You'll want to include this delicious Greek hummus dip with fresh spinach and crumbled feta cheese as an inspired appetizer.

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    Kalamata Olive Hummus

    Kalamata Olive Hummus

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    The savory, salty taste of Kalamata olives adds something special to this simple hummus recipe. Serve this tasty dip at buffet parties, alongside a tray of pita bread triangles, pita chips, crackers, or raw vegetables.

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    Peanut Butter Hummus

    Peanut Butter Hummus

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    Peanut butter hummus is a fun and unexpected appetizer that kids and adults alike will love. Packed with yummy flavor and high in protein, peanut butter hummus is great for vegetarians and peanut butter lovers.

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    Cilantro and Lemon Hummus

    Cilantro and Lemon Hummus
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    Do you love the herbaceous green flavor of cilantro? If you do, you're sure to flip your lid over this sweet, earthy, lemony hummus recipe with a delightful cilantro twist.

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    Carrot Hummus

    Carrot Hummus
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    Roasted carrots and garlic are combined with the usual hummus ingredients for a vibrant, creamy carrot hummus dip. Roasting the veggies adds a light sweetness and lots of nutrition.

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    White Bean Hummus

    White Bean Hummus

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    This smooth and creamy hummus recipe uses white beans instead of the traditional chickpeas for a milder tasting hummus that's still packed with protein and has a lovely, spreadable texture.

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    Pumpkin Hummus

    pumpkin hummus

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    Pumpkin adds pretty color and nice creaminess, making it a delicious fall appetizer. Fresh sage is a nice addition to this pumpkin hummus.

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    Roasted Eggplant Hummus

    Eggplant Hummus

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    Calling all eggplant lovers, this delectable hummus recipe features roasted eggplant as its main ingredient. It has a smoky flavor a little bit reminiscent of baba ghannouj, a Middle Eastern eggplant dip.

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    Hummus With Pine Nuts

    Hummus with Pine Nuts

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    Toasted and chopped pine nuts (also called pignoli) add texture and flavor to traditional chickpea hummus. This delicious recipe is fancy enough to serve as an appetizer at dinner parties.

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    Lemon Garlic Hummus

    Lemon and Garlic Hummus

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    Hummus gets a boost of flavor with the addition of sweet, zingy lemon and spicy garlic. The combination of these two flavors makes for a tasty hummus dip that's hard to resist.

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    Jalapeño Hummus

    Jalapeno Hummus

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    For a hummus recipe with some kick, add some jalapeño to the mix. Jalapeño peppers have a bright, green taste that adds freshness to your usual hummus appetizer. You can dial up the spiciness of this hummus recipe by adding in the jalapeño seeds or leave them out for a milder flavored dip.

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    Artichoke Hummus Recipe

    Artichoke Hummus Recipe

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    Easy-to-make artichoke hummus has a complex flavor that makes it a welcome appetizer at all your buffet parties.