Overnight Casserole Recipes

Close-up of a traditional lasagna
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Casseroles are the perfect choice for any time of year. When it's snowing or raining outside with the wind howling around the chimney, tuck into a comforting casserole to warm you up inside and out. These overnight casserole recipes are perfect for spring and fall when it's cool and you need to make something ahead of time. And they're even great for summer; make them at night, then bake them off and you won't have to stand over a hot stove during the hottest time of day.

Any of the casseroles in our freeze ahead casserole recipes article can be made the day ahead and chilled instead of freezing. The baking time will be the same if, in the frozen casserole recipe, the dish is thawed in the refrigerator overnight before baking.

I like entertaining with these overnight casseroles, because you do all of the work ahead of time. Your kitchen will be spotless, and you can still pull a bubbling, savory casserole out of the oven. Add a bagged salad with a special dressing, and some garlic toast and you've got quite a meal.

And you can substitute just about any meat, cheese, or vegetable for another in these recipes. Use your family favorites, use what's in season in the grocery store, or use up what you've got in your pantry and freezer.


Overnight Casserole Recipes