Packaging Ideas for Edible Gifts

Making desserts is only half of the equation: whenever you're making something to share with others, you also need to consider presentation. How are you going to share your dessert with them? How will it be presented, packaged, or gifted?

Here are just a few ideas for how to package and share edible gifts. When you're planning out your edible gifts, you'll want to consider delivery method, cost, and practicality, so take these as simply a starting point in your planning. With those thoughts in mind, here are some ideas for homemade gift giving.

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    Serve Cake in Glass Jars

    Cake in a jar

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    Cake in a jar is a hot new trend! There are two ways to create these cute, portable cakes: either bake the cake directly in the glass jar, or bake a sheet cake, cut out rounds, and then assemble layers of cake and frosting in the jars.

    Giving friends a jar with something as scrumptious as Limoncello Cake will make you a friend for life!

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    Cookie Mix in a Jar

    Cookie mix in a jar

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    One cute alternative to gifting a batch of cookies is to give the ingredients for making cookies instead! It's a great way to avoid giving your loved one's stale cookies—instead, they can make fresh cookies whenever they way, and they only need to add the wet ingredients in the recipe!

    Put the dry ingredients for the cookie or brownie mix in a jar, layered nicely, and attach the recipe instructions with a nice ribbon.

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    Granola In A Jar

    Granola in a jar

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    Dry goodies with a longer shelf life, like granola, spiced nuts, and caramel popcorn, can make excellent edible gifts! To jazz up plain mason jars, you can use squares of fabric cut with pinking shears, cute washi tape, or coordinating ribbon tied around the top.

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    Store-Bought Containers

    A tin of cookies in a store bought container

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    Gifting cookies, brownies, or fudge in a store-bought container is like a double gift: the recipient gets a cute, reusable cookie tin, and they also enjoy the treats inside! You can find cookie tins for very low prices at craft stores, thrift shops, and sometimes even dollar stores.

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    Cute Bread Pans

    Quick breads in a tiny bread pan

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    Homemade bread makes a great gift. It doesn't matter if it's loaves you've made with your bread machine or ones that you've sat home all day to allow for rising. Quick breads such as banana and pumpkin are always a big hit. If you've got tons to bake, mini-loaves are the way to go.

    No matter what kind of recipe you decide to make, you can find cute, inexpensive bread pans to gift them in. Either look for cute ceramic pans or even cheaper paper pans.