5 Parfait Recipes Kids Can Make on Their Own

Parafits for kids
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Kids love parfaits, and better yet, kids can make parfaits all by themselves. These parfait recipes can be independent activities kids can do while you work. The bonus is the "activity" ends with a cool summer treat. None of these recipes for kids involve any work on the stove top, just a lot of layering.

Since there are other dangers, in the kitchen for kids, review these tips for kids' safety in the kitchen. And once you're sure your kids know the safety rules, let them try these fun parfait recipes.

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    Japanese-Style Parfait

    While the parfait may have originated in France, it has been enthusiastically adopted into Japanese culture. That's no surprise given the Japanese appreciation for the beautiful presentation in its culinary tradition. Among the more exotic ideas for layers are sweet red beans. 

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    Strawberry Yogurt Parfait

    This is great when strawberries are in season, but even when they are not, you can use frozen. You could sub in blueberries, raspberries, or peaches.

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    Banana Split Brownie Parfait

    This one is so decadent! If you have older children who can work the oven, let them make the brownies from a mix first. Then the whole family can join in when it comes time to layer this parfait.

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    Raspberry Cool Whip Jello

    This isn't technically a parfait but more like a Jello mold, but if you don't have good glasses for parfaits this is the next best thing.

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    Low-Fat Banana Chocolate Parfait

    Instant pudding means to no stove-top cooking for kids. And with chocolate, bananas, and marshmallows this one is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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    Make Your Own Parfait

    After browsing these recipe's you probably have a few ideas of your own for parfaits for kids. Break out the ice cream, sorbet, yogurt, or pudding and start layering with fruit, granola, candy, chocolate sauce, caramel, etc.