Pasta Casserole Recipes

A pasta casserole makes an excellent everyday family meal, and it's convenient because it's often a complete meal in one dish. Here are some delicious pasta casseroles, including ziti bake recipes, ground beef and pasta casseroles, chicken with pasta, tuna casseroles, macaroni and cheese, and more.

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    Chicken a la King Casserole
    Diana Rattray

     This vintage casserole is made with a combination of noodles, chicken, and creamy sauce. It's a super easy casserole to fix and makes a satisfying family meal.

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    Penne Bake With Ham and Peas
    Penne Bake With Ham and Peas. Diana Rattray

    In this dish, the Cheddar cheese sauce is mixed with cooked penne, diced ham, peas, and seasonings to make a tasty casserole, baked to perfection with a buttery crumb topping.

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    Ziti Bake Recipe with Ground Beef and Italian Sausage
    Diana Rattray

     Ground beef and sausage, tomato sauce, ziti pasta, and three cheeses get together in this perfectly seasoned baked ziti casserole.

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    Penne with Creamy Meat Sauce
    Diana Rattray

     This versatile pasta bake can easily be modified with ground turkey or ground chicken, or use a meat substitute to make it a vegetarian dish.

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    Easy Macaroni and Beef Casserole
    Easy Macaroni and Beef Casserole. Diana Rattray

     This is an easy macaroni and ground beef bake. It's an easy, great-tasting dinner for any night of the week. Add a tossed salad and warm rolls or crusty bread for a perfect meal. 

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    Macaroni and Cheese With Sausage
    Macaroni and Cheese With Sausage. Macaroni and Cheese With Sausage -- Image © Diana Rattray

    Browned sausage and sliced tomatoes help to make this creamy, delicious macaroni and cheese a hearty main dish. Serve this macaroni and cheese bake with biscuits or fresh sliced bread for a fabulous everyday meal.

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    spinach lasagna
    Diana Rattray

     Serve this tried-and-true spinach lasagna with crusty bread for a fabulous meal. 

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    Tuna and Spaghetti Bake With Mushrooms and Parmesan
    Tuna and Spaghetti Bake With Mushrooms and Parmesan. Tuna and Spaghetti Bake With Mushrooms and Parmesan -- Image © Diana Rattray

    This tuna tetrazzini is a delicious casserole to make for an everyday family meal. Put this casserole together a day in advance, then cover and refrigerate until you're ready to bake and serve.

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    Spicy Sausage and Penne Casserole
    Spicy Sausage and Penne Casserole. Spicy Sausage and Penne Casserole -- Image © Diana Rattray

    Serve this flavorful one-dish meal with a tossed salad and biscuits for a delicious everyday meal.

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    Jalapeno Macaroni and Cheese
    Jalapeno Macaroni and Cheese. Jalapeno Macaroni and Cheese -- Image © Diana Rattray

    Depending on the heat of the peppers, this casserole can be pretty spicy. Use only 1/2 can if you'd like a milder mac and cheese, or use mild green chiles along with a smaller amount of jalapeno peppers.

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    Chicken and Penne Casserole
    Diana Rattray

    Use mini penne or macaroni pasta in this tasty chicken casserole. This is easy to make with cream of chicken soup and frozen vegetables, and packaged diced chicken will make it even easier.

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    Pork and Noodle Casserole
    Diana Rattray

     This unique casserole is made with cubed and browned pork loin. It comes together with an easy creamy sauce, noodles, and vegetables.

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    Spicy Chicken Lasagna
    Spicy Chicken Lasagna recipe. Spicy Chicken Lasagna -- Image © Diana Rattray

    Cilantro, spinach, tomatoes, and tomatillo salsa add extra flavor to the cheese sauce in this delicious layered lasagna recipe.

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    Reuben noodle casserole with corned beef and sauerkraut
    Diana Rattray

     This tasty casserole features Reuben sandwich flavors. Use deli corned beef or leftover corned beef in this recipe.

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    Rigatoni Bake With Ground Beef and Cheese
    Rigatoni Bake With Ground Beef and Cheese. Rigatoni Bake With Ground Beef and Cheese -- Image © Diana Rattray

    This rigatoni bake is a great everyday meal for the family. Serve this pasta casserole with freshly baked cornbread or garlic bread and a tossed salad.