16 Patriotic Memorial Day Desserts

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These Memorial Day desserts will put everyone in a patriotic spirit. Whether you're planning a big cookout or picnic for a large group or a family barbecue, these red, white, and blue dessert recipes are a wonderful way to bring people together at your Memorial Day gatherings and celebrations.

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    American Flag Cake

    American flag cake

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    This gorgeous, impressive American flag cake makes a terrific, patriotic dessert recipe for Memorial Day. It's also super-easy to make with a cake mix. Fresh blueberries and raspberries are used to decorate this vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting, creating the beautiful American flag pattern on top.

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    Old-Fashioned Apple Pie

    Old-fashioned apple pie

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    What could be more authentically all-American than a good old-fashioned apple pie? Your family and friends will get so much happiness and comfort from this wonderful homemade fruit pie, with the sweet and homey aromas of lightly spiced apples and flaky bakery-style pastry. Serve this classic Memorial Day dessert pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side, or with a big slice of cheddar on top, to suit your tastes.

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    Easy Baked S'Mores

    Baked s'smores

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    Serve up easy baked s'mores desserts (so named because everyone will demand "some more" of them), with this classic campfire recipe that's super-easy for kids to help you make. Graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows are melted together into the traditional, rich and gooey treat that kids will love, and adults will get nostalgic over.

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    Red, White, and Blue Cake Balls

    Red, white, and blue cake balls

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    Moist bites of cake in a spectacular tricolor red, white, and blue design are the perfect dessert for backyard gatherings and other patriotic events on Memorial Day. This easy, fun recipe makes use of store-bought cake mix and gel food coloring, to create cute little red, white, and blue cake pops. Spear these mini-desserts on cooking skewers, and serve on trays, for the perfect hand-held dessert for outdoor celebrations.

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    Classic Strawberry Shortcake

    Classic strawberry shortcake


    Here's a homemade recipe for classic strawberry shortcake that's a great way to kick off the strawberry season. while this summer dessert recipe looks gorgeous and impressive, it's actually quite easy to make. You can prepare the cake layers and filling the day before your Memorial Day party, for an easy and quick assembly when you're ready to serve.

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    Raspberry Pie

    Raspberry Pie

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    When you want a delicious fruit pie that's a little different, try this raspberry pie recipe. The filling is easy, uses minute tapioca as the thickening agent, and adds ground cinnamon for a complementary flavor. It's baked inside a pastry shell, skips the top crust, and is impressive when decorated with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and fresh mint.

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    S'mores Cookies

    S'Mores Cookies

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    A fun twist on an American classic, s'mores cookies don't require a campfire. You'll start by partially baking the graham cracker batter cookies. Add a chocolate square and marshmallow to each, then return them to the oven. The crisp cookie, soft chocolate, and toasted marshmallow are just like real s'mores, but in a portable form that everyone will enjoy.

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    American-Style Homemade Donuts

    American-style homemade donuts

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    American-style homemade donuts are a classic dessert that everybody loves, making them perfect for serving at your Memorial Day events. Light-tasting, freshly baked donuts can be glazed, dusted with powdered sugar, garnished with chocolate icing, or decorated with red, white and blue sprinkles if you like, to suit your patriotic party theme.

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    Red, White, and Blue Ice Cream

    Red, white, and blue ice cream

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    This red, white, and blue ice cream is the perfect dessert for a Memorial Day cookout. Swirls of vibrant red raspberry sauce and chunky blueberry jam are frozen into a basic homemade vanilla ice cream that only takes 30 minutes to make. Top American flag-inspired ice cream with top with fresh berries, for even more patriotic red, white, and blue flair.

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    Buttermilk Biscuit Berry Cobbler

    Buttermilk biscuit berry cobbler

    The Spruce / Molly Watson

    Here's a crumbly, buttermilk biscuit berry cobbler that makes the most of fresh summer berries, such as blackberries, blueberries, huckleberries, raspberries, and strawberries. You can also use frozen berries to make this easy, classic American cobbler recipe, that's baked with a scrumptious buttermilk drop biscuit topping.

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    Strawberry Cupcakes

    Strawberry cupcakes recipe

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    Pretty pink strawberry cupcakes with buttercream frosting are dotted with fresh strawberries, for the perfect finishing touch. These traditional summer favorite cupcakes are bursting with fresh strawberries, and make a lovely addition to your Memorial Day table.

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    Red, White, and Blue Strawberries

    Chocolate Covered Strawberries
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    White chocolate, blue sprinkles, and red berries combine in this perfectly patriotic summertime treat. These red, white, and blue strawberries are a variation on traditional chocolate-dipped strawberries and are perfect for Memorial Day events. Kids can help you make these easy strawberries that are dipped in white chocolate and rolled in blue sprinkles. You can make a batch of these cute dessert bites in just 15 minutes, so they're a great last-minute option to throw together before a picnic or potluck.

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    Blueberry Cheesecake Fudge

    Blueberry cheesecake fudge

    The Spruce / Elizabeth LaBau

    Fudge is a classic American dessert, and this blueberry cheesecake fudge is like a little bite of cheesecake in fudge form. Tasty, colorful fudge bites are made with a fruit-studded cream cheese filling in an easy, cheesecake-style graham cracker crust.

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    Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

    Cherry cream cheese pie

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    Cherry cream cheese pie is a classic American dessert that's always welcome at Memorial Day and 4th of July celebrations and events. This genius recipe includes a rich cheesecake filling, a graham cracker pie crust, and an easy cherry pie filling topping. It's a rich, decadent dessert that's sure to put smiles on everyone's faces at your summer gatherings.

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    Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

    Ice cream sandwich cake recipe

    The Spruce

    This no-bake ice cream sandwich cake recipe is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. We like to use a combination of strawberry ice cream sandwiches and regular ice cream sandwiches, but feel free to use whichever kind you like. Be sure to allow several hours for this cake to freeze completely before serving.

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    Patriotic Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Red white and blue mini ice cream sandwich
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    And last, but certainly not least, these patriotic mini ice cream sandwiches are a perfect handheld dessert for Memorial Day. Vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between two mini hand pies: one cherry and one blueberry. The ice cream is rolled in white chocolate chips for a sweet finish. Patriotism has never tasted so good!