15 Peachy Cocktails You Have to Try

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Peach cocktails are a ton of fun and there are many to choose from. Sure, you could stick with favorites like the Bellini or Fuzzy Navel, but why not give something new a try?

Whether you have a supply of fresh peaches, are playing around with a new peach vodka, or want to use up your bottle of peach schnapps, there's a fun cocktail waiting for you. These drinks range from simple and casual to complex and fancy, and they're all very peachy. Let's find you a new peach drink.

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    New Old-Fashioned

    Woodford Reserve's New Old-fashioned Cocktail - Bourbon Whiskey Recipe
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    The old-fashioned is a favorite bourbon cocktail and the simple formula lends itself to new creations. By doing something as simple as switching out the two fruits, you can create an entirely new old-fashioned. That is exactly what happens in this recipe.

    We skip the orange and cherry and opt for peach and blackberry instead. The transformation is simple, but it has a big impact and it's perfect for peach season.

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    White Peach Julep

    White Peach Julep Cocktail Recipe
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    Peaches really are a nice addition to the most popular drinks and we'll use the famous mint julep as inspiration for this recipe. The white peach julep is simple and refreshing, requiring just three simple additions.

    You'll still use a good bourbon and fresh mint but everything else gets very peachy. Fresh white peaches are ​muddled, Mathilde Peach Liqueur adds sweetness, and peach bitters round it off. It's one won't want to miss.

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    Peach Cobbler

    Peah Cobbler Cocktail
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    You will not find too many peach-flavored vodkas, but a few vodka brands do offer the flavor. Ciroc Vodka is one and their tasty Peach Vodka is a great addition to many cocktails.

    One recipe you'll want to try, especially in the ​fall and winter, is this delicious peach cobbler. It's a comforting drink and mimics the flavor of its namesake dessert by combining the vodka with hazelnut liqueur and cream.

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    Peach Punch

    Peach Punch
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    New Amsterdam Vodka is another company that has a peach vodka in their portfolio. This one's also very reasonably priced, so you can save a little cash while enjoying a great drink.

    The vodka is the featured ingredient in this peach punch recipe. It's written for a single cocktail but can easily be mixed up ​for a crowd. You'll love the peach, lime, and orange blend which is accented with an elderflower liqueur.

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    Frisco 49

    Frisco 49 Cocktail
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    A Champagne cocktail like the French 75 is an excellent candidate for a fruity twist. As you'll soon find out in the Frisco 49 recipe, things get very interesting when you bring a little peach and pear into the mix.

    The cocktail features two homemade ingredients. The ​gin is infused with fresh pears and it's sweetened with a honey peach syrup. When the drink is finished off with a dry sparkling wine, it is truly magic.

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    Peach Candy Corn Cocktail

    IZZE Sparkling Peach Candy Corn Cocktail with Whipped Cream Vodka
    IZZE Beverage Company

    The peach candy corn cocktail is designed for Halloween. Yet, you'll find it's a delight any time of year when you want a fun, delicious drink. 

    This martini plays off the sunrise effect that we love so much and it includes whipped cream vodka. Those two tempting elements are paired with pineapple and a sparkling peach juice. It's finished with a heap of whipped cream.

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    Sweet Meat Cocktail

    Basil Hayden's Sweet Meat Cocktail Recipe
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    The name of this fun cocktail is a little deceptive. The "sweet meat" in question is of the peach and pecan variety and the two come together for an interesting beverage.

    Bourbon is the base on which a homemade sweetened pecan peach water is added. Shake those with a few dashes of peach bitters and a surprisingly simple cocktail turns into a tantalizing wonder.

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    Georgia on My Mind

    Judy Bronson's Georgia On My Mind Cocktail
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    Peach nectar is another great way to get the sweet taste of the fruit into your drinks. It's readily available at grocery stores—look for it with the juices—and it pairs well with a great variety of flavors.

    For the Georgia on My Mind cocktail, you'll muddle a few basil leaves, then turn to a robust bourbon and add a ginger liqueur. The peach nectar and celery bitters finish off the recipe in high fashion and bring balance.

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    Irish Gold

    Tulamore Dew's Irish Gold Cocktail
    S&C Design Studios

    The best-known of all peach liquors is peach schnapps. It's a favorite for many cocktails and makes a tasty, instantly warming shot. 

    In the Irish gold recipe, the schnapps is paired with Irish whiskey. Add a splash of orange juice, then top it with ginger ale and you will have a lively, refreshing whiskey highball that was incredibly easy to mix up.

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    Jolly Rancher

    Easy Jolly Rancher Cocktail - Vodka Mixed Drink Recipe
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    Just how fun is peach schnapps? One taste of the jolly rancher and you'll find out for yourself. This simple three-ingredient mixed drink can quickly become your new happy hour favorite.

    Three bold fruit flavors come together in the recipe that was inspired by the popular candies. All you need is a tart green apple vodka, a sweet peach schnapps, and a healthy amount of cranberry juice

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    White Peach Sangria

    White Peach Sangria
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    Sangrias always make a splash at parties and many of these wine punches are dark because they rely on red wine. That is not the case for this white peach sangria recipe which begins with a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

    It's a very flavorful, light sangria that adds mango rum and peach schnapps to the white wine base. Add a trio of fresh citrus fruits, then finish it with lemon-lime soda and it's ready for the party.

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    Woo Woo

    Woo Woo Vodka Cocktail Recipe
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    It's a tasty cocktail and incredibly easy, plus every time someone asks what you're drinking you get to say, "Oh, just a little Woo Woo." For all these reasons, this fruity vodka martini may be a little too much fun.

    You'll need three ingredients to pull off the W oo Woo: vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice. They're all common and probably already in your bar. Shake it, strain it, and you're good to go. 

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    Peach Pomegranate Holiday Martini

    Peach Pomegranate Holiday Martini
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    Another impressive vodka martini, this peach pomegranate holiday martini is a perfect addition to all of your holiday parties. It's sweet, flavorful, and filled with our favorite tastes of the season.

    The recipe begins with a combination of pomegranate vodka, peach schnapps, and orange juice. To give it that winter flair, a little cinnamon and sugar are used as a garnish and the result is quite spectacular.

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    Sex on the Beach

    Sex on the Beach Recipe

    The Spruce

    One of the most popular peach schnapps cocktails you'll mix up is the sex on the beach. It's been a favorite for years and the sweet, fruity taste is one you won't soon forget.

    The recipe for this refreshing vodka highball is quite simple. Choose your vodka, add peach schnapps and crème de cassis. Top it with equal parts of orange and cranberry juices and you're set for a fun day in the sun.

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    Ski Lift

    Ski Lift Hot Chocolate Cocktail
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    There is no need to reserve your peach schnapps for the summer months. It is just as useful in the cold of winter, especially with a recipe like the ski lift.

    This is a rather creative way to spike your hot chocolate and definitely a twist on classic flavors like mint. The ski lift combines peach schnapps and coconut rum with your favorite cup of cocoa and the whipped cream and shredded coconut are just a bonus.