17 Delicious Pear Cocktail Recipes

Enjoy the fresh taste of sweet pear drinks

Pear Martinis
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Pear vodka, fresh pears, and pear nectars are just a few ways to get the sweet taste of pears into your cocktails. It's not the most common drink flavor, but it is an absolute delight when it makes an appearance.

Many of these pear cocktail recipes play up fall flavors because that's the peak of pear season. You'll find plenty of warm spices to go with that delicate fruit flavor and brightly flavored drinks that are enjoyable year-round. Some rely on pear vodka, while others prefer gin infusions, brandy, or rum. There's a martini, sparkling cocktail, and slow sipper for everyone, so let's admire the pear in drinks.

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    Peary Bird

    Peary Bird Cocktail
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    The peary bird has the delicate flavor of fresh pear backed up by an intriguing array of liquors. To create the drink, you'll muddle pear, simple syrup, and nutmeg, then add vodka, Tuaca, and B&B. The two liqueurs impart a sultry array of vanilla, citrus, brandy, and dark herbal notes that make it a fantastic choice for any autumn occasion.

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    Daphne Martini

    Daphne Martini Cocktail

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    Pear vodka makes it easy to create great pear cocktails any time of the year. You'll often find it labeled as poire, French for "pear." Designed around this fruity vodka, the Daphne martini pairs it with your favorite gin, blue curaçao, and dry vermouth. The result is a beautiful blue martini with classic style and modern flair.

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    French Pear Martini

    French Pear Martini

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    The French pear martini is one of the best-known pear cocktails, and it is a lovely drink. Perfect for any party when you want to impress guests in the easiest way possible, the only ingredients you need are pear vodka, elderflower liqueur, and Champagne. The trio comes together to produce a sparkling, lightly fruity, and floral martini that is truly memorable.

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    Sparkling Shamrock

    Sparkling Shamrock Cocktail

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    The sparkling shamrock is a charming pear cocktail that's fitting for spring and summer affairs. It's a brightly flavored lemonade drink that combines pear vodka and elderflower liqueur with fresh cucumber and lemon. Served tall with garden-fresh garnishes, it's the ultimate refreshment.

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    Pear Spiced Sailor

    Pear Spiced Sailor Cocktail (Jonny Cimone's Pear Naked Sailor)

    Jonny Cimone

    The pear spiced sailor is an enjoyable and unique spiced rum cocktail. The key ingredient is a pear purée, and you'll love how it plays off the homemade ginger nectar. Combine the two with your favorite spiced rum, lime juice, bitters, and a ginger ale float, and you have one impressive beverage.

    How to Make Pear Purée

    Fresh pear purée is a great drink mixer, and it's easy to make from ripe pears: Boil diced pears in water until soft (about 15 minutes), then blend into a smooth purée in the blender, adding a bit of water to thin it to the desired consistency. Let cool and refrigerate in an airtight container for up to one week. You can also freeze the purée for up to six months; ice cube trays create perfect drink-worthy portions.

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    Pear Cobbler

    Pear cobbler cocktail recipe

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    The pear-iest of all pear drinks, this classically styled cobbler recipe will put an abundance of fresh pears to good use. For the pear cobbler, you'll start by making drunken pears (soaking them in brandy for a day or so). Pear brandy is then mixed with fino sherry and cinnamon syrup and poured into an ice and fruit-filled glass.

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    Autumn Spiced Tonic

    Autumn Spiced Tonic Cocktail Recipe

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    Give the vodka tonic an autumnal twist that is sure to please on chilly nights. The autumn spiced tonic recipe features a homemade apple-pear-cinnamon vodka, and the infusion is ready in less than a week. The vodka has a fantastic flavor you'll find useful in other drinks, but for this cocktail, you'll simply mix it with syrup and tonic water.

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    Pear and Pomegranate Champagne Shrub

    top the cocktail with champagne

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    Shrubs are sweetened vinegar-based drinks flavored with fresh fruits. While fun to make and tasty on their own, shrubs are also great in cocktails. The pear and pomegranate Champagne shrub mixes a homemade pear and ginger shrub with pomegranate juice and sparkling wine. It's festive and delightful to drink when you're in the mood for something extraordinary.

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    Early Autumn

    Early Autumn Cocktail

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    Have you tried infusing extra flavors into gin yet? It's a wonderful idea that lets you build on the botanical array found inside this flavorful spirit. The early autumn cocktail recipe showcases its wonder with a pear- and apple-infused gin. Once ready, it's mixed with pear brandy, absinthe, apple cider, chocolate bitters, and ginger beer for a unique cocktail with an autumn kick.

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    Spiced Pear Caipirini

    Spiced Pear Caipirini with Leblon Cachaca

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    If you spend your summers enjoying the caipirinha and want to give that famous cachaça cocktail a new twist come fall, try this recipe. You will need pear nectar, which is available in the juice section of most supermarkets and a valuable ingredient for anyone who loves a pear drink or two. Mix that with cachaça, lemon, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon, and enjoy your spiced pear caipirini.

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    Frisco 49

    Frisco 49 Cocktail
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    Pears really are a great fruit for infusions, and the light, sweet flavor is especially fitting for white liquors. This Frisco 49 recipe also opts for pear-infused gin to put a fun twist on the classic French 75. To create this spectacular bubbly cocktail, the gin is mixed with roasted honey peach syrup, lemon juice, and dry sparkling wine.

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    Peartini Cocktail

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    Simple, sweet, and slightly spiced, this is no ordinary pear-flavored martini. Pear vodka steals the show for the peartini recipe, but the real surprises come from the accent ingredients: smooth, nutty amaretto liqueur and a homemade spiced simple syrup. Toss in a bit of lemon juice, and you have a well-rounded, satisfying cocktail.

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    Lotus Blossom Martini

    Pear Martinis
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    You'll find a delightful array of soft flavors in the lotus blossom martini. The simple but stunning cocktail muddles lychee fruits with simple syrup and lime wedges, then adds vodka and sake to the shaker. A pear slice garnish finishes it off in style.

    Keep Pear Garnishes Beautiful

    Like apples, a pear's flesh will begin to turn brown when it's exposed to oxygen. To stop this and ensure your garnish looks great until the last sip, squeeze a little lemon juice onto the sliced pear immediately after cutting the fruit.

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    Tuscan Pear

    Grey Goose Vodka's Tuscan Pear Cocktail Recipe
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    Limoncello is a lovely liqueur for cocktails, and its sweet lemon taste is a great companion for a pear vodka. The two come together perfectly with orange juice in the Tuscan pear recipe. For a fun spin, this refreshing highball adds the sweet spice of ginger liqueur.

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    Apple Cider Mimosa

    Apple Cider Mimosa With Apple Garnish and Cinnamon Sugar Rim

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    Mimosas are popular brunch cocktails, and the classic Champagne drink offers many seasonal possibilities. In the apple cider mimosa, pear vodka teams up with apple cider before they're topped with sparkling wine. A cinnamon sugar rim is a fun touch that provides a sweet spice with every sip.

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    Christmas Mule

    Christmas mule cocktail

    The Spruce 

    When the cold winds blow, warm up with a Christmas mule. This three-ingredient spin on the Moscow mule is a flavorful mix of pear vodka and gently warmed ginger beer—an amazing revelation on its own. While you may skip the garnish in many drinks, the cinnamon stick is a required element here because it infuses the drink with an inviting flavor.

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    Ginger Snap Martini

    Ginger Snap Martini

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    Pear vodka may be an unlikely ingredient in a cocktail designed to taste like fresh-baked ginger snaps, but it works out very well. This ginger snap martini recipe is a merry mix of fresh ginger and molasses, seasonal spices, pear vodka, and amaretto. It's a good choice when you want to shake up your cocktail routine.