Peppermint Patty Shot

Peppermint Patty Shooter
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  • Total: 3 mins
  • Prep: 3 mins
  • Cook: 0 mins
  • Serving: 1 serving

The peppermint patty is a popular creamy, mint-chocolate shot that can be made in a variety of ways. The goal is to replicate that delicious, tempting flavor of peppermint patty candies. When those little treats are converted into a shot glass, it is equally tasty— maybe just a little too good!

This popular shooter is a hit at any party. There are three elements you need to make it: chocolate, mint, and cream. Whether you use peppermint schnapps or crème de menthe with crème de cacao or chocolate vodka, or simply want to mix it up in your own mouth, there are plenty of options available. This recipe is, however, one of the most popular around and it's an absolutely delicious mix.


  • 1/2 ounce crème de cacao
  • 1/2 ounce peppermint schnapps
  • 1 ounce cream (or Irish cream)

Steps to Make It

  1. Gather the ingredients.

  2. In a mixing glass filled with ice, pour the ingredients.

  3. Stir well.

  4. Strain into a shot glass.

  5. Serve and enjoy!


  • If you prefer, shake the shot rather than stirring it. You might find that the cream mixes a little better with the extra agitation.
  • To really highlight the cooling mint-chocolate flavor of this shot, serve it in a frosty shot glass.
  • There are two types of crème de cacao: dark and white (clear). If you use the dark variety, your shot will have a light brown color; with white crème de cacao, it will be the color of your cream.

How Strong Is a Peppermint Patty Shooter?

While it's a relatively gentle shot because it uses low-proof liqueurs, your choice in peppermint schnapps can make a big difference. Some schnapps is just 30 proof, but others—like Rumple Minze—are a whopping 100 proof. The peppermint patty made with the lighter option will be 6 percent ABV (12 proof) with cream and 14 percent ABV (28 proof) with Irish cream. On the other hand, pouring Rumple Minze creates a cream shot that's 13 percent ABV (26 proof) and an Irish cream version that's 21 percent ABV (42 proof).

Recipe Variations

  • There are a number of other options for a peppermint patty; all you really need is a chocolate ingredient and a mint ingredient. For instance, you can use crème de menthe instead of peppermint schnapps or pour another chocolate liqueur like Godiva, Dorda, or Mozart. Add a cream liqueur if you like or skip the cream completely.
  • Another peppermint patty makes use of chocolate vodkas, such as Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate or Pinnacle Chocolate Whipped. Simply shake 1 ounce chocolate vodka, 1/2 ounce each of Irish cream and peppermint schnapps, and ice. Strain into a shot glass and enjoy.
  • One simple version is an interactive shot. It's more of a boozy mouthwash, similar to the way you take a cement mixer (this one tastes better, though). Begin by filling a shot glass with chilled peppermint schnapps. When you're ready for the shot, squirt chocolate syrup directly into your mouth, drink the shot of schnapps and shake your head to mix the flavors before swallowing.
  • If you'd like to give your shot a kick, add a stronger liquor. Vodka and whiskey are two excellent options that do very well with the mint-chocolate flavor. Brandy is pretty delicious as well and if you opt for that, you're actually making a snowball shooter.
  • If you like the flavor combination, there are other ways to make a peppermint patty. You might want to try one of the slow and refreshing peppermint patty lowball recipes or warm things up with a hot peppermint patty.