Delicious and Classic Christmas Dinner Features Perfect Pot Roast

Perfect Pot Roast. Linda Larsen

Many may think of pot roast as a humble dish, but when cooked and flavored perfectly it will be the star of the holiday dinner table. This unassuming meal can be incredibly delicious, including mashed potatoes, creamy vegetables,  and comfort food on Christmas dinner can be just the thing. Mashed potatoes are fluffy and rich and soak up the gravy produced by the savory meat. A side dish of broccoli and carrots enveloped in a creamy cheese sauce is delicious on the side.

Any holiday dinner calls for rolls. Honey Rolls are tender and luscious, but they're easy to make because you don't have to knead them. These drop rolls are baked in a honey glaze. The green salad that accompanies this menu features blue cheese, pears, and toasted walnuts. And for dessert - Christmas cookies, of course!

Devils on Horseback

The complex taste of these cute, little appetizers makes it hard to believe they have only three ingredients: dates, cheese, and bacon. They can be assembled ahead of time and then broiled just before guests arrive. The sweetness of the dates is a delicious counterpoint to the tangy cheese and smoky bacon. 

Perfect Pot Roast

This recipe turns a lowly pot roast into a show stopper. After searing the meat to give it a nice crust, it cooks gently in red wine and beef broth until tender. This recipe calls for carrots and potatoes—since you are making mashed potatoes, there's no need to add the potatoes, and although there are carrots in the vegetable side dish, you may still want to include in the roast recipe since they add a bit of sweetness and flavor to the gravy.


Traditional Mashed Potatoes

This recipe produces the creamiest and most flavorful potatoes you'll ever serve—and eat! They are perfect with the rich gravy made with drippings the roast. This recipe is mainly a guide—choose the type of potatoes you favor, and add flavorings if you like, such as nutmeg or cheese.

Antique Broccoli

This rich and creamy vegetable dish is perfect with the tender, melting roast. The broccoli and carrots are covered in a delicious cheese sauce, sprinkled with breadcrumbs, and then baked until bubbling and golden brown. You can use frozen vegetables and make this dish the day before—just pop into the oven about 45 minutes to an hour before ready to eat.

Buttery Pan Rolls

These rolls are made in a cake pan and then brushed with butter to result in tempting, golden, buttery rolls—you won't be able to eat just one! This is a yeast dough that requires kneading and rising time, but since they can be made ahead and then warmed for Christmas dinner, you don't need to worry. They're also great for making sandwiches out of leftovers the next day. 

Pear and Greens Salad

The simple dressing for this salad is so good and combines sweet and savory flavors. You can make the dressing ahead (keep leftovers in the fridge to drizzle on any green salad!). The refreshing pears nestle nicely in the bed of butter and frisee lettuces, and the walnuts offer a nice crunch. The bits of blue cheese bring a little richness to the dish.

Christmas cookies

Nothing says it's Christmas like a plate of festive Christmas cookies!

Choose from this array of seven favorites—from peanut blossoms to snickerdoodles—to finish off the holiday meal.