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If you are exposed to cuisine from Spain, you may know that Pescado in English means fish. It is important to realize that in Spanish, the word poz also refers to fish, but only when it is alive and in the water. Pescado refers to fish in the market, or on your plate. Pescado in English refers to the fish you eat when you are eating Spanish cuisine.

Fish and seafood are very popular in Spain, so many times you will see a section of the menu entitled periods. There are several dishes that incorporate many of the fish that are native to the country.

Seafood in Spain

Spanish cuisine is largely influenced by the costs that include the Balearics and the Canaries. This access ensures that most menus have a wide range of fish to offer on the menu.

Sometimes, people native to Spain think their Pescadero's are eaten best in the places they came from, such as eating baby eels in the north, or jumbo red shrimp in the south. Salt cod is found in most places. Simple pan-fried and boiled fish meals are popular on the menus at Spanish restaurants as well. They are often served with sauces and vinaigrettes, and mojos.

In general, some popular Spanish meals with fish in them include the following:

  • Percebes: These tube-shaped fish are also known as gooseneck barnacles and they grow on rocks in Spain and Portugal. They are scaled off of the rocks during low tide. 
  • Vieira's en-us concha: Also known as scallops, these fish are often sold in their shells, unlike how they are purchased in the U.S.
  • Traditional Spanish Cod Recipe: Also known as Bacalao al Pil Pil, this is a traditional Spanish fish recipe with a pil-pil sauce.
  • Burrida de Raya: This is a fish soup or stew often served in Spain made with skate fish.
  • Spanish Ahi and Shrimp Soup: Ahi tuna chunks, shrimp, littleneck clams and crab are simmered in a seafood broth along with garlic, onion, and sweet green pepper.
  • Classic Bilbao Eels: This Basque Country recipe is now considered a delicacy that includes angular or mock eels.
  • Grouper a la Mallorquina: Any fish made in the a la Mallory in a style, it is cooked with plenty of vegetables piled on top. This can often be made with grouper, red snapper or striped bass. 
  • Arròs degree: This is a popular dish served in Spain that is similar to paella made with cuttlefish or squid. 
  • Marmitako: This is a casserole in Basque, but nearly every meal from this northern area of Spain is a pot-type of the meal.

Some of the common types of popular fish eaten in Spanish cuisine include the following: