Traditional German Cake (Kuchen) Recipes

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    Traditional Viennese Apple Strudel

    Easy Traditional Viennese Apple Strudel

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    Apple strudel looks fancy but, with a little practice, it is not hard to make. Once you get the hang of stretching the dough, you will never want to go back to a thick crust. Inside an apple strudel, you will find cinnamon, breadcrumbs, nuts, and raisins. The recipe has a good filling-to-dough ratio.

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    German Cheesecake With Quark (Kaesekuchen)

    German Cheesecake With Quark (Kaesekuchen)

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    This cheesecake puffs up in the oven and then settles into a dense, creamy filling. Yogurt and cream cheese can be substituted for the quark in this recipe if it's too hard to find.

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    German Fresh Fruit Torte (Obsttorte)

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    This simple recipe is made with a purchased sponge cake base that is topped with vanilla pudding and fresh fruit. Easy and tasty.

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    German Apple Cake (Wiener Apfelkuchen)

    German Apple Cake (Wiener Apfelkuchen)

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    A perfect fall German-style apple cake recipe features a shortcrust base, chopped apples, and a lemon-flavored cake layer. The sugar and almonds sprinkled on top make a delightfully crunchy topping.

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    German Cherry Streusel Cake

    German Streusel Cake With Cherries

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    This homemade streusel cake with fruit filling is the closest German cooks get to a pie. Here, the streusel crust is much richer than pie dough and is pressed into a springform pan. Cherries or any fruit, especially stone fruit thickened with cornstarch (Germans would use potato starch) make a great filling. You can even use canned fruit filling if fresh fruit isn't an option.

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    German Butter Cake (Butterkuchen)

    Authentic German Butter Cake Butterkuchen
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    Instead of making a batch of cinnamon rolls, try this German sheet cake with crunchy sugar, cinnamon, and butter topping. It freezes well and is perfect with a cup of tea.

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    Alsatian Cake (Elsaessescher Apfelkuchen)

    alsatian cake
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    Fresh apples combine with a vanilla-flavored cream in a shortbread-like crust to create a wonderful cake that is popular for afternoon coffee and cake.

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    German Apricot Cake (Aprikosenkuchen

    Aprikosenkuchen: German Apricot Cake

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    This simple batter cake is spread in a springform pan and then topped with fresh apricots before baking. It's great with a dollop of whipped cream.

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    German Sourdough Coffee Cake

    Sourdough Coffee Cake

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    When you have ​some extra sourdough starter that is left after feeding your culture, make this sourdough coffee cake that is a bit like sour cream coffee cake in taste and goes with a cup of tea or coffee very nicely for a mid-morning treat.