30 Best Pineapple Cocktails

Drink Your Pineapple for a Taste of the Tropics

Flirtini Vodka and Pineapple Martini

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Pineapple cocktails are among the fruitiest alcoholic drinks you can mix up. While the Piña Colada is the best-known, you can use pineapple to make many equally delicious drinks.

An essential mixer for a well-stocked bar, pineapple juice is the easiest way to add this tropical fruit taste to cocktails. Not all drinks use it, and some recipes rely on the fresh fruit or pineapple-flavored liquors and syrups instead. The recipes tend to be easy, and a few have surprising flavor combinations for you to enjoy.

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    Piña Colada

    Pina colada recipe

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    Pineapple teams up with coconut and rum for the unforgettable Piña Colada. This iconic cocktail is super easy when shaken, or you can fire up the blender and add ice for a frozen Piña Colada. In either form, the freshly made drink far outshines any of those bottled mixes you can buy.

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    Bahama Mama

    Bahama Mama Cocktail Recipe

     The Spruce

    One of the best tropical cocktails to feature pineapple juice is the Bahama mama. This timeless recipe pairs two bold rums with coffee and coconut liqueurs. Mix this one up, and you're ready for a day on the beach, even if it's just in your imagination.

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    Painkiller cocktail recipe

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    Right up there among the most popular tropical cocktails, there are many recipes for the painkiller. This particular painkiller recipe is simple and familiar. You'll need a navy-style or dark rum, cream of coconut, and orange juice. The pineapple juice makes up most of the drink, so it's perfect for summer.

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    Pineapple Mojito

    Pineapple Mojito
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    Get out your muddler because it's time to put a pineapple twist on the mojito. Easy, refreshing, and downright delicious, this cocktail has everything that's great about the famous rum cocktail. It simply adds a couple of pineapple chunks along with homemade pineapple syrup to the recipe.

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    Yaka Hula Hickey Dula

    Yaka Hula Hickey Dula Cocktail Recipe

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    How can you resist mixing up a drink that doubles as a tongue twister? The yaka hula hickey dula recipe is straightforward and absolutely delicious. Think of it as a Hawaiian-style rum martini, and you'll never forget it. Just pour equal parts dark rum, dry vermouth, and pineapple juice, shake, and enjoy.

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    Jungle Bird

    Jungle Bird Cocktail

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    The jungle bird is filled with intriguing flavors and gets its name from the fun garnish. The pineapple juice in this recipe plays an equal role with dark rum. The twist is that it includes Campari, that bitter Italian aperitif typically reserved for fancy dinner cocktails. Though it sounds a bit odd, the first sip will show you how well it works.

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    Blue Hawaiian

    Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

    The Spruce

    A tall and colorful twist on the Piña Colada, it's hard to ignore the allure of a blue Hawaiian. The recipe mixes pineapple juice with blue curaçao and cream of coconut to create a beach-worthy rum cocktail everyone's sure to enjoy.

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    Pineapple Tequila

    Pineapple Tequila Mixed Drink

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    Beyond easy, the pineapple tequila is a recipe you'll turn to time and again. It's a simplified pineapple margarita served on the rocks that requires just three ingredients. To say it's refreshing is an understatement.

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    Algonquin Cocktail

    Algonquin Whiskey and Pineapple Cocktail

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    For a whiskey twist, you'll want to mix up the Algonquin cocktail. It's a classic that pairs dry vermouth with pineapple juice, offering your taste buds a sweet-dry profile that's very enjoyable. Behind that lurks the bold taste of rye whiskey. With today's strong rye market, there's no better time to try it.

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    French Martini

    French Martini

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    A star on the modern martini menu, it's hard to find a cocktail lounge that can't make a French martini. The drink offers a brilliant contrast between ​a sweet black raspberry liqueur and the tart taste of pineapple, and you can choose between gin or vodka.

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    Hollywood Cocktail

    Hollywood Vodka and Pineapple Cocktail Recipe

     The Spruce

    Offering the same raspberry and pineapple flavor, this vodka cocktail is served a little taller to create a refreshing beverage. Raspberry liqueur is the sweetener that perfectly complements the Hollywood cocktail's long pour of pineapple juice.

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    Bay Breeze

    Bay Breeze cocktail

    The Spruce


    Give your vodka cranberry a pineapple twist with the bay breeze. It's a simple mixed drink that spikes equal parts of pineapple and cranberry juices with your favorite vodka. A great happy hour option, you'll love its refreshing fruit taste.

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    Park Avenue Cocktail

    Park Avenue Cocktail

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    With the array of fascinating gins available today, there's great potential to make the Park Avenue cocktail the best it's ever been. Essentially a perfect martini with a hint of pineapple, it's a fantastic drink. It works just as well with soft, modern gins as it does with traditional, juniper-heavy styles.

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    Million Dollar Cocktail

    Million Dollar Cocktail

     tonisvisuals / iStock / Getty Images Plus

    Straight out of the 1920s, the million dollar cocktail is a vintage gin martini. Pineapple juice and sweet vermouth are wonderful complements for the gin (traditionally Plymouth Gin). Shaking it with an egg white gives the drink a luscious foam top that is unforgettable.

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    Spicy Pineapple Shandy

    Spicy Pineapple Shandy

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    The shandy pairs beer and lemonade, and it's an excellent base for experimentation. When you're ready for a bit of spice in your life, this pineapple shandy should do the trick. In it, jalapeño syrup, tequila, and lemon and pineapple juices are mixed with your favorite pale ale for a memorable drink.

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    Key Lime Pie Martini

    Easy Vodka Key Lime Pie Martini Cocktail Recipe
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    Ready for a piece of pie in a glass? You won't want to miss the key lime pie martini. With a vanilla vodka background, the triple sec, pineapple juice, and lime cordial mix produce a sweet, tangy cocktail that will wake up your senses. Don't forget the graham cracker rim, as it's the finishing touch that sets it over the top.

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    Flirtini Vodka Cocktail With Champagne Sparkle

    The Spruce / Abbey Littlejohn

    A fun little martini, this cocktail is filled with the tropical taste of pineapple. For the flirtini, you'll muddle fresh pineapple, then shake it with vodka, orange liqueur, and pineapple juice. It gets some sparkle from Champagne in the glass to finish it off wonderfully.

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    Hawaiian Iced Tea

    hawaiian iced tea cocktail

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    Put a pineapple spin on that famous Long Island iced tea. This recipe has all the booze of the original mixed drink and simply replaces the cola with pineapple juice. Lighter and more refreshing, the Hawaiian iced tea can quickly become a new favorite.

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    Hawaiian Margarita

    Hawaiian Margarita

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    Naturally, pineapple is going to make an appearance in a margarita or two. In the Hawaiian margarita, fresh pineapple and strawberries form a fruity foundation for the typical margarita ingredients. It's a blended cocktail and a fabulous way to cool down while enjoying a little tequila.

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    Pineapple Chili Margarita

    Pineapple Chili Margarita

    The Spruce / Ali Redmond

    Should you find yourself in the mood for a more memorable margarita, try the pineapple chili margarita. It's a shaken cocktail, so there's no blender required, and everything seems innocent enough until you add a dash of habanero sauce. Only then does this spicy cocktail really come to life.

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    Pineapple Ginger Margarita

    Pineapple Ginger Margarita

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    Fresh minced ginger adds a fascinating twist to the margarita. In the pineapple ginger margarita recipe, it's mixed with fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and pineapple juice. Add your favorite tequila and enjoy the sensational flavor of this unique cocktail.

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    Tamarind-Pineapple Margarita

    Tamarind Pineapple Margarita
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    Tequila and tamarind are natural companions that every tequila lover needs to taste. Pineapple is a fabulous third wheel for the combo, and the tamarind-pineapple margarita is an excellent next step in your tequila adventures.

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    California Surfer

    California Surfer (aka Surfer on Acid) Mixed Drink With Jagermeister

    The Spruce

    A quick, refreshing drink is just moments away, and everyone can appreciate this favorite bar cocktail. The California surfer is beautiful in its simplicity: mix equal parts of coconut rum, Jägermeister, and pineapple juice. It's a unique taste that's sure to please.

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    Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor Cocktail Recipe

     The Spruce

    The Pearl Harbor is another longtime favorite, and it's a great choice for happy hour. This casual vodka highball has great color and a fun, fruity taste from a combination of melon liqueur and pineapple juice. It will have you mixing up a second round before the first is gone.

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    Pineapple Mimosa

    Pineapple Mimosa

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    Give a favorite brunch cocktail a tropical spin with the lovely pineapple mimosa. Rather than the fruit juice that you might expect, this recipe features pineapple-infused vodka. Add a little lemon and orange juice, and sweeten the mix with honey syrup before topping it with a budget-friendly sparkler like prosecco.

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    Centennial Punch

    Centennial Punch - Stranton Social
    Stranton Social

    For the pineappliest of all pineapple cocktails, the centennial punch takes the prize. It's a brilliant recipe that begins by infusing whiskey with pineapple. You'll also make a coriander-pineapple syrup and, as the party nears, puree some pineapple and caramelize a few lemons. Put it all together and you have an impressive punch.

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    Pineapple and Sage Gimlet

    Pineapple Sage Gimlet Punch

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    It may not be the first pairing that comes to mind, but pineapple and sage are a delightful twosome. The pineapple and sage gimlet recipe creates a spring-worthy punch that is a brilliant big-batch version of the gin-laced gimlet cocktail.

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    Wedding Cake Cocktail

    Wedding Cake Cocktail

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

    Gin rarely makes it into frozen cocktails, but when it does make an appearance, the result is sure to tantalize your taste buds. In the wedding cake cocktail, the botanical spirit is blended with amaretto, orange and pineapple juices, and cream. While unusual, it's fascinating.

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    Whipped Sunset

    Whipped Sunset Cocktail

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

    When you have whipped cream vodka in the bar, put it to good use in the whipped sunset. It's a sweet martini-style drink that's also delectably tart thanks to a combination of pineapple juice and sour mix. Grenadine adds a delicate sweetness and gives it that signature "sunrise" look.

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    Vampire's Kiss

    Vampire's Kiss Cocktail

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    Halloween is an opportunity to add a few gimmicks to your cocktails, and the vampire's kiss is a fun and easy option. With a base of melon liqueur, blood orange vodka, and pineapple juice, drizzling grenadine into this semi-creamy drink gives it a dripping blood effect.