10 Stunning Pomegranate Cocktail Recipes

Jason Westplate's Grenados Sour Cocktail
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The pomegranate is one of our favorite fruits for cocktails. While you can mix up fresh pomegranate drinks when the fruit comes into season, you can enjoy the fruit's sweet flavor all year long with the right ingredients.

Pomegranate vodkas and juices are very popular and readily available and it's hard to find a liquor store today that doesn't stock a pomegranate liqueur. These options make for some interesting, fun and tasty pomegranate cocktails that are a breeze to mix up. Let's explore some of your options, from sweet vodka martinis to cocktail recipes featuring brandy, gin, tequila and whiskey. There's a great drink waiting for everyone.

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    Blushing Lady

    Blushing Lady Cocktail Recipe
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    A stunning and simple cocktail, this pretty pink drink is filled with soft fruit flavors. It's a perfect choice for a girl's night or any occasion that calls for a quick yet impressive libation.

    The pomegranate flavor comes from Pama, the most popular pomegranate-flavored liqueur on the market today. It's lush, sweet and has a beautiful red color. It also pairs very well with the pink grapefruit and your favorite vodka in this blushing lady recipe.

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    Peach Pomegranate Holiday Martini

    Peach Pomegranate Holiday Martini
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    Even though the name of this vodka martini alludes to the fact that it's great during the holidays, it is a fabulous choice year-round. The blend of bright fruit flavors is one that anyone will enjoy.

    The peach pomegranate holiday martini features a brilliant pomegranate vodka from Van Gogh. That is paired with peach schnapps and orange juice, and a hint of cinnamon gives this cocktail that final touch of holiday spirit.

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    Pomegranate Poinsettia

    Pomegranate Poinsettia
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    The poinsettia has long been a favorite Champagne cocktail, especially for really special affairs around the holiday season. We're giving that recipe a twist and this newer version is even brighter than the original.

    Pama makes another appearance in the pomegranate poinsettia, and we retain the cocktail's orange liqueur and Champagne. Rather than pour cranberry, you'll pick up a bottle of orange juice, which adds a splendid citrus twist that pairs perfectly with pomegranate.

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    Moroccan Cocktail

    Charbay Vodka's Moroccan Cocktail
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    The Moroccan cocktail is a very interesting recipe that doubles up on the pomegranate but adds a unique complementary flavor. It's a taste experience and a really nice option when you get tired of straight fruit martinis.

    Charbay Pomegranate Vodka is the star and it's enhanced with either pomegranate puree or juice. The key ingredient, however, is a cardamom-infused simple syrup. It's easy to make and lends a nice spice to the cocktail.

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    Pama Ginger-tini

    PAMA Ginger-tini - Easy Vodka Pomegranate Martini
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    It's a little sweet, a little sour and has just a hint of spice. The Pama Ginger-tini is a wonderful cocktail and it can easily become a new favorite on your personal martini menu.

    That ever-useful bottle of Pama is back and it squares off in an equal pour with the vodka of your choice. The recipe also includes grapefruit juice and sour mix for a tart taste, then contrasts that with the sweet-spice of a ginger syrup. It's an explosion of flavor in a cocktail glass.

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    Pomegranate Gin Fizz

    Pomegranate Gin Fizz Cocktail
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    Bright, refreshing and a fun take on a classic cocktail, the pomegranate gin fizz is perfect for warm days. It brings pomegranate into the world of the gin fizz and gives it a herbal spin.

    To build this drink, you'll need to make a lavender simple syrup, an easy DIY mixer that you'll find plenty of use for. Then, choose a softly flavored gin with a bright profile, add Pama and lime and you're done. For more of a classic style, an egg white gives it a great foam.

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    Belmont Jewel

    Woodford Reserve's Belmont Jewel Cocktail
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    It's time for some whiskey, which is another fantastic complement to the sweet taste of pomegranate. The Belmont jewel was created as a signature cocktail for a Triple Crown race and it remains a favorite, even if it lost that spotlight.

    This cocktail is, essentially, a whiskey-pomegranate lemonade. The recipe mixes Woodford Reserve Bourbon with lemonade and pomegranate juice. It's served tall on the rocks and it's super easy to mix up a pitcher for a small party.

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    Cupid's Arrow

    Barclay Bar's Cupid's Arrow Cocktail
    Barclay's Bar

    The Cupid's arrow recipe is oh-so-sweet. When you're in the mood for a tempting cocktail that has hints of fruit, chocolate and cream, this is one you have to try.

    The base for this cocktail is a combination of the apple brandy, calvados, and a raspberry vodka. The tempting layers continue with white chocolate liqueur and pomegranate juice. Since that isn't sweet enough, it also requires simple syrup and a vanilla sugar rim. Decadent, yes!

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    American Dream

    PAMA American Dream Cocktail
    \PAMA Liqueur

    When you're ready to get crafty and really show up your patriotic decorating skills, turn to the American dream cocktail. Those fun white stars are fondant and they will make a big splash at your Fourth of July bash.

    The drink itself is a combination of Pama, black cherry rum, and pomegranate-cherry juice. Toss in some homemade sour mix to give the flavor a spark and a fruity, red cocktail is ready for the party. The look makes the drink seem more difficult than it really is.

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    Mrs. Claus' Wildside Punch

    Mrs. Claus' Wildside Punch
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    Tequila in a Christmas punch? Why not? We're going to step way out of the normal holiday drink for this one, though it's incredibly easy and a recipe that everyone at the party will love.

    The punch is made up of X-Rated Fusion Liqueur and a blanco tequila. The liqueur is a bright blend of fruits and it goes nicely with the pomegranate and cherry juices. With just four ingredients, your punch is ready in minutes and it's clearly one that will get noticed.