Try These Popular Cantonese-Style Recipes Tonight

Cantonese cuisine is considered to be the finest of China's regional cuisines. Here are popular Cantonese restaurant recipes and home-cooked dishes.

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    Chinese stir fry meal of beef in oyster sauce
    Chinese stir fry meal of beef in oyster sauce. Getty Images/Doug Armand

    A classic Cantonese dish -- snow peas and carrots are cooked with beef in an oyster-flavored sauce. Oyster sauce enhances the natural flavor of beef.

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    This recipe calls for Chinese broccoli (Gai Lan), which has a unique bittersweet flavor that combines nicely with oyster sauce. If it's not available, don't worry -- the recipe also works well with regular broccoli or Chinese greens such as bok choy.

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    Cantonese spareribs are world famous. In this recipe, the ribs are marinated in a sweet and spicy combination of honey, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce and crushed garlic, and then glazed with honey during baking.

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    A classic Cantonese home-cooked dish -- tomato is cooked with beef that has been marinated in oyster sauce. A bit of sugar helps balance the slightly acidic taste of the tomatoes.

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    Another example of Cantonese home-cooking -- beef and sweet bell peppers are cooked in a savory black bean sauce. Perfect as a main dish or part of a multi-course meal.

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    Here is the popular restaurant dish, with pork deep-fried twice for extra crispiness and coated with a tangy sweet and sour sauce made with pineapple juice and ketchup.

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    This dish makes an excellent appetizer or main course. The deep-fried shrimp shells turn a wonderful orange color, and have a crunchy texture, while the spicy seasoning adds extra flavor. Leaving the shells on protects the shrimp meat inside, so that it tastes very tender.

    Not a fan of deep-frying? Try stir-fried Salt and Pepper Shrimp instead.

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    Utilizing a whole fryer chicken, a blend of tasty authentic seasonings lends richness to the sauce in this family-favorite recipe.

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    Delicate flowering chives are often available in the produce section of local supermarkets (and of course, Asian markets). The trick to this easy side dish is not to overcook the chives. It goes very nicely with fish and shellfish.

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    Chinese dried black mushrooms add an earthy flavor in this easy to make steamed chicken dish. A good choice for family meals.