Most Popular Indian Cooking Tips

They save you time and make things easier in the kitchen. Use these 10 most popular Indian cooking tips to simplify your life.

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    Making Soft Chapatis

    Cropped Hands Of Person Making Chapatti In Kitchen At Home
    Govi Murillo / EyeEm / Getty Images

    How to make really soft Indian flatbread.

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    Quick Chapatis!

    Homemade bread pita bread on a blue background.
    Tetiana_Chudovska / Getty Images

    How to make almost instant Chapatis!

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    Homemade exfoliator!

    Peppermint and Dead Sea salt scrub
    Dorling Kindersley: William Reavell / Getty Images

    Make a face-pack-cum-exfoliator paste with ingredients from your own kitchen.

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    Saving too-salty food...

    Butter chicken curry with tender chicken breast, cream, butter & honey
    Bartosz Luczak / Getty Images

    How to save a curry that got too salty!

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    Removing turmeric stains...

    Closeup of tumeric powder spice on a spoon
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    Get rid of that yellow stubborn stain!

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    Freshen old Chapatis

    Chapati bread wrapped in red napkin on a plate.
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    How to get leftover Chapatis to taste like fresh ones (well almost!).

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    Get rid of indigestion symptoms

    Dabba Masala (Indian Spice Box)
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    Zap nausea, burning sensation, acidity and general uneasiness with ingredients from your kitchen cabinets!

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    Fuss-free coconut cleaning

    Coconut Freshly Cut Open
    Mohr Michael / Getty Images

    The easy way to crack and clean a coconut!

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    Browning onions quickly

    Skillet full of Onions
    mgturner / Getty Images

    Most Indian recipes require onions to be browned. Here's how you can do them faster.

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    Keep ginger and garlic pastes fresh for longer

    Natural diy chickpeas ginger paste
    sitriel / Getty Images

    How to extend the life of homemade cooking pastes.