Popular Serbian Dessert Recipes

Serbians love rich tortes, nut rolls, strudels and desserts of all kinds, and after periods of strict abstinence from eggs, dairy, butter, and meat for the Great Lent and Advent, when Easter, Christmas, and slavas roll around, Serbs pull out all the stops with a sweets table groaning with delights. Serbians and Croatians share some of the same desserts, so I've included those here.

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    Serbian Chocolate Torte Recipe - Torta Cokolada

    Serbian Chocolate Torte - Torta Cokolada.

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    This recipe for Serbian chocolate torte or torta cokolada is a moist, rich cake frequently served for Christmas, Easter, slavas and other special occasions. The finely ground nuts give the cake layers extra moisture.

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    Serbian Reform Torte Recipe - Reforma Torta

    Serbian Reform Torte.

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    Serbian reform torte or reforma torta is a rich, many-layered walnut sponge cake with creamy chocolate filling. Some believe it came into being with the post-WWII Communist reforms when eggs, butter, finer flour, chocolate, and nuts were more available and could be "squandered" on a rich dessert.

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    Serbian Apricot Torte Recipe - Torta Praska

    Serbian Apricot Torte or Torta Praska.

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    This recipe for Serbian apricot torte or torta praska is made with a layered yeast dough that requires no rising, apricot filling and crackly meringue topping.

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    Serbian Doughnut Recipe - Krofne

    Serbian Doughnuts or Krofne.


    Serbian doughnuts or krofne are eaten year-round but especially before the Great Lent begins. Orthodox Christians observe Cheesefare Sunday (the last day dairy products can be eaten) two days prior to Shrove Tuesday, so krofne, palacinke and other fried and rich foods would be eaten then.

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    Serbian Sweet Cheese Palachinke Recipe

    Cheese Palachinke.

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    Serbian palachinke are thin crepe-like pancakes. When they are filled with jam, fruit, or sweet or savory cheeses and rolled, they are still known as palachinke (blintzes).

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    Balkan Tulumbe Pastries Recipe

    Balkan Tulumbe Pastry.

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    This recipe for tulumbe is a very sweet and popular dessert in the Balkans. The batter is similar to a French pate a choux dough, and the appearance is similar to an unfilled, unglazed eclair. Tulumbe are traditionally fried and then soaked in simple syrup overnight. I prefer to bake mine as I've done here.

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    Croatian Bajadera Torte Recipe

    Croatian Bajadera Torte.

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    This is an easy no-cook, no-bake dessert that is made to look like a piece of Croatian Bajadera candy. It's a great project for the kids. This would make a terrific edible gift especially if wrapped in a pretty box.

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    Croatian Lamington Recipe - Cupavci

    Croatian Lamington or Cupavci.

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    Croatian Čupavci (CHOO- pahv-tsee) are dead ringers for Australian lamingtons. Čupavci are small sponge cakes filled with custard, dipped in chocolate and covered with coconut. The Croatian name comes from čupavi, which means "furry," from the look of the coconut.

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    Serbian Napoleon Recipe - Krem Pita

    Serbian Krem Pita.

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    This recipe for Serbian napoleons or krem pita traditionally is made with scratch puff pastry, but using the store-bought kind is perfectly acceptable. The trick is in preventing the pastry from puffing up too much and still be flaky. If you're a stickler for tradition, take comfort in the cooked custard filling.

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    Serbian Nut Roll Recipe - Orehnjaca

    Serbian Nut Roll Hot Out of the Oven.

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    St. Sava Serbian Sisters' of Circle of Merrillville, Ind., provided this recipe for nut roll. These dedicated women volunteer at least three times a year to make thousands of nut rolls, strudels and palachinke as a fundraiser.

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    Serbian Sweet Cheese Strudel Recipe

    Sweet Cheese Strudel.

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    Like many other Eastern European church groups in the United States, the Serbian Sisters' Kolo, which means "circle," of St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in Merrillville, Ind., still hand stretches strudel dough to make sweet and salty (savory) cheese, apple and cherry strudels three times a year -- Easter, Christmas and for Serb Fest in the summer.