8 Amazing Portable and Hidden Home Bars

Hide the Bar When You Need To

There are many styles of home bars and for many amateur bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts having a fully stocked, easy access bar in your home is a dream. The bars in this list are a little different because they're not meant to be permanent fixtures in your home, they are designed to move or hide their contents.

Some of the more industrial bars are perfect for those who entertain large groups on a regular basis or for private party bartenders who can include bar rental in their rate. Others can be everyday pieces of furniture that hide their true contents and purpose.

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    Crosley Lafayette Folding Bar

    Crosley Lafayette Folding Bar
    Crosley Lafayette Folding Bar. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

    This Crosley bar is fantastic because by day it looks like the average living room cabinet, but by night when you pull out the two extensions you have a fully stocked bar in a beautiful finish.

    The bar can store a full stock of liquor and wine bottles, has pull-out drawers for storing tools and a built-in glass rack for all your stemware. This one combines elegant, traditional design with function and saves a lot of space.

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    Howard Miller Hide-A-Bar

    Howard Miller Hide-A-Bar
    Howard Miller Hide-A-Bar. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

    An armoire with a wine and liquor cabinet hidden inside! This is the ultimate in classically styled furniture with a hidden function and that's what I love about it.

    The wood cabinet from the esteemed Howard Miller Collection features a 22-bottle wine rack, storage for all you liquor bottles and glassware. Its beauty is reflected in the mirrored back and wood finish while its function goes on and on including a laminated pull-out shelf, drawers, and ample counter space. What more can you say than "WOW!"

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    New Spec Mini Bar

    New Spec Mini Bar
    New Spec Mini Bar. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

    For less than $400, this bar cart is perfect for occasional, casual entertaining and it's compact enough to be rolled around small spaces.

    The black finish is sleek and has a modern style adorned with tempered black glass. Storage is limited, but there is a speed rail as well as bottle holders on the counter to display your premium wines and spirits.

    This economical bar can be neatly stored anywhere when not in use and the racks underneath are great for storing garnishes and mixers while the built-in hanging glass rack keeps your stemware safe and accessible.

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    Wood Mini Bar Cart

    Winsome Mini Bar Cart
    Winsome Mini Bar Cart. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

    This is another mini bar that is all about mobility and easy access. For less than $200, it is a great bargain that any host or hostess will find useful for casual entertaining.

    A storage cabinet and drawer can house all of the necessary bar tools, while bottles can sit on one of the open shelves. There is also a towel rack and a built-in hanging glass rack that can hold quite a few cocktail glasses. The beautiful finish of wood adds an elegant touch.

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    The Classic Globe Bar

    Vintage-Style World Globe Hidden Bar
    Vintage-Style World Globe Hidden Bar. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

    If you are a fan of classic movies then you have probably seen a globe bar. It was a popular style back in the early 20th century and a few of the authentic pieces can still be found on the antique market. The original globe bars are going for a steep price, but luckily, replicas like this are still being produced.

    This is a simple bar. The globe will hide a bottle or two and a few glasses. More bottles can be stored on the bottom shelf if needed, though that is open to view.

    The globe bar is perfect for the casual drinker who likes to store their favorite bottle of brandy or Scotch in a handy place out of the sight of any visitors. It has that classic Italian-style charm that makes a great addition to any interior.

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    Carlisle Maximizer Stainless Portable Bar

    Carlisle Maximizer Portable Bar
    Carlisle Maximizer Portable Bar. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

    If you do a lot of entertaining, hire a bartender often, or are a private party bartender looking for some extra income on your jobs, this simple but stylish bar is perfect.

    Not only does it look good (multiple finishes are available), but it is a miniature version of a full commercial bar.

    This one is easy to clean up after every use and can be easily be transported or stored. It includes all the features a bartender needs, including built-in cutting board, speed rail, 15-gallon ice bin and a lot of storage for all of your back up ingredients and glasses.

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    Lynx Cocktail Station

    Lynx Cocktail Station
    Lynx Cocktail Station. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

    I find the Lynx to be one of the most versatile portable bars available, but it is certainly not the least expensive.

    Its stainless steel finish is very modern and the commercial casters make it very portable. The Lynx includes a sink with faucet and water filter, an insulated ice bin with cover, removable cutting board, bottle opener, speed rail, lots of extra storage. The best part is that the two shelves on the sides can be removed, flipped, and used as serving trays.

    There are optional accessories including a 3-tier top shelf that make bartending even easier. This is absolutely a great investment for private party bartenders and anyone who does a lot of serious cocktail entertaining.

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    Cambar Granite Sand Portable

    Cambro Portale Bar
    Cambro Portale Bar. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

    Units like this one are great for intimate affairs with a single bartender (two or more people behind this and you begin to run into each other).

    For the price of a rental, the $1500 is a great investment if you entertain a lot but still want something that can be stored in the garage. These models have a bit more style than those I've found at rental centers.

    Features of this bar include a speed rail, 80-pound ice sink, ample counter space for all your condiments, storage for anything else you need to keep in stock and sturdy casters to move it anywhere it has to go.

    This particular bar has a few models and can include soda guns and all are easy to clean and are waterproof -- great for outdoor events.