Pot Roast Recipes

Slow Cooked, Oven, and Stovetop Pot Roasts

Country Pot Roast with Sour Cream Gravy
Country Pot Roast with Sour Cream Gravy. Diana Rattray

The Pot Roast

Pot roast is one of the easiest beef dishes you can make. Put the pot roast in a Dutch oven or slow cooker, add some liquid and aromatic herbs and vegetables, and simmer the meat for hours.

For a tender, succulent pot roast with loads of flavor, you have to choose the right cut of beef. Cheaper cuts of beef you might think of as fatty and tough are usually the best and most flavorful cuts for long, slow braising.


The very best cuts for a tender, juicy pot roast come from the chuck, a muscle group found in the shoulder and neck of the animal. Labels to look for include chuck arm, chuck eye, blade roast, or short ribs. Beef brisket, rump roast, and bottom round roasts are also good choices for long, slow cooking.

Stovetop and Oven Pot Roast Recipes


Slow Cooker Pot Roast Recipes