Prince Edward Island Local Foods

Farm Fresh Food, Island Potatoes, and Excellent Lobster

Maritime Light

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The bright blue seas around PEI are the source of much of its local eating appeal as fish and shellfish are caught and grown in those waters. The red clay soil is rich and means produce stands run to overflowing once those long summer days hit.

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    Prince Edward Island Seasonal Produce

    Baby Spinach Leaves

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    PEI still has lots and lots of farms for such a teeny tiny province. Farmers' markets and farm stands aren't too difficult to find, so know what to expect when you look for PEI seasonal produce

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    PEI Potatoes

    Yukon Gold Potatoes

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    The soil on PEI grows world-famous (well, at least Canadian-famous) potatoes. They are remarkably creamy and worth seeking out. They also make excellent fries and gratins, as well as perfect mashed potatoes, all of which are wonderful with the plethora of seafood available in the province.

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    PEI Lobster

    Lobster macro
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    Fresh, sweet, tender lobster is a great delight to locals and visitors alike, but make sure you know all of the insider secrets including how to cook a lobster and how to eat a lobster.

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    PEI Oysters

    fisherman, fish, oyster, seafood, sunrise, Enmore River, Prince Edward Island, Canada
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    Many oysters, including the famed Malpeques, are cultivated in the clean waters around Prince Edward Island. 

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    PEI Mussels

    Close-up of Mussels In Bowl on Table

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    The waters of PEI are also home to other bivalves, including the widely distributed rope-grown (no grit!) mussels raised by more than 130 mussels growers on this island province. Prince Edward Island was the first province to grow cultured mussels, and PEI now specialized in particularly plump specimens that are noticeably larger than their wild counterparts.