13 Fantastic Desserts Made With Store-Bought Puff Pastry

Raspberry toaster strudel with sweet glaze

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Puff pastry can intimidate many home cooks. If you're wondering how other people whip up beautiful turnovers and Danishes, you might consider buying some premade dough instead of making it yourself. Store-bought puff pastry can be your best friend, especially when you want to make a delicious, impressive dessert (or appetizer) in an hour, not a full day. Here's a list of recipes involving premade puff pastry, from flaky breakfast pastry puffs to extravagant holiday desserts. These are all great options to bring to a dinner party or potluck if you want to wow but don't have time to laminate dough.

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    Puff Pastry Hearts

    Puff pastry hearts or palmiers
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    These beautiful little puff pastry hearts (similar to French palmiers) can be a breakfast pastry or a dessert, depending on your mood. On a special occasion like Valentine's Day, serve them with red berries and a decadent chocolate ganache. On a rainy Saturday, enjoy these sweet and crunchy treats straight out of the oven with a mug of tea or coffee.

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    Easy Cherry Turnovers

    Flake cherry turnovers with a sweet glaze

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    Melt-in-your-mouth cherry turnovers are a welcome addition to any breakfast or brunch spread. You can also enjoy them with your afternoon coffee or serve them to kids after school. The good news: You only need a spare half hour and five ingredients, including premade puff pastry and canned cherry pie filling, to make these scrumptious pastries.

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    Nutella Pastry Puffs

    Nutella Pastry Puffs

    The Spruce / Cara Cormack

    If you like to start your day with something sweet, this is the recipe for you. These crispy, flaky Nutella bites come together in 20 minutes—you just need store-bought puff pastry, Nutella, an egg, and a splash of water. Not only will these pastry puffs impress friends and family, but they'll also leave your kitchen smelling of warm chocolate and butter. What could be better?

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    Creamy Spanish Apple Tart

    Creamy Spanish apple tart

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    Creamy and delicious, these apple tartlets are perfect for any holiday dinner or soiree. The typical, rustic apple pie will seem drab compared to your creative, impressive miniature tarts: Friends and family will love the smooth custard filling and the impossibly flaky, tender crust. Feel free to get creative with this recipe and use pear, quince, or stone fruit instead of apple.

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    Banana Tarte Tatin

    Banana tarte tatin

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    The Tarte Tatin first appeared in a French hotel in the late 19th century. It's still the ultimate holiday dessert—a single bite contains a whole universe of flavors and textures. Some guests will appreciate the flaky pastry, others will love the soft fruit, and still, others will adore the caramelized, crispy edges. Follow this recipe if you're short on time or if you need to use up ripe bananas. Everyone at your dinner table will appreciate this delicious twist on the classic apple dessert.

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    Mille Feuille Homemade Napoleon recipe

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

    Though its origins remain mysterious, the napoleon pastry first appeared in cookbooks in the 18th century under its French name, mille-feuille. After the Battle of 1812, Russians named the pastry after the defeated Emperor Napoleon: It has since become a popular dessert around the world. Decadent and impressive, napoleons aren't difficult to make at home, especially if you buy frozen puff pastry. The smooth pastry cream filling is sandwiched between crispy layers of flaky, buttery pastry, then the whole thing is topped with a glossy royal icing. This wonderfully appealing blend of flavors and textures will satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth. Keep in mind that napoleons are the perfect dessert for a bridal shower or engagement party.

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    Raspberry Toaster Strudel

    Toaster Strudel

     Kristina Vanni

    These delicious raspberry pastries are perfect for your Valentine's Day breakfast. You'll only need 30 minutes and a few ingredients to whip up these adorable, romantic treats. To make these pastries even more impressive, top them with powdered sugar, melted chocolate, or a sweet glaze. Your special someone will go crazy for these flaky, golden Danishes.

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    Miguelitos de la Roda

    Miguelitos filled with sweet pastry cream

    The Spruce / Lisa Sierra

    Named after the man who first tried this delicious dessert, Miguelitos de la Roda (Spanish cream puffs) are light and flaky pastries filled with smooth custard. Dusted generously with powdered sugar, this traditional Spanish treat will give everyone the impression that you've just spent hours in the kitchen. In fact, you only need a little time and a few basic skills to make these delicious, decadent slices. Fill store-bought puff pastry slices with a simple homemade pastry cream, then bake, dust with sugar, and enjoy with a steaming mug of coffee or tea.

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    Kremówka Papieska

    Polish papal cake dusted with powdered sugar

    The Spruce / Barbara Rolek

    Kremówka papieska (called Polish papal cake in English) is fit for a pope but easy to whip up at home. Like the popular French napoleon pastry slice, this traditional Polish confection consists of light, buttery puff pastry and decadent pastry cream. You can recreate St. Pope John Paul II's favorite dessert at home with some store-bought puff pastry. The filling comes together in a flash—you'll just need eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla extract, and cornstarch.

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    Galette des Rois

    Galette des rois with a paper crown
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    Want to celebrate someone special or bake something extravagant for Epiphany or Mardi Gras? This galette des rois (a traditional French king cake) is a crowd pleaser, thanks to its scrumptious almond filling and delicate layers of buttery puff pastry. You won't have any trouble making this delightful cake: Simply toss the filling ingredients in your food processor and cut out circles of thawed store-bought puff pastry.

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    Pastelillos de Mangos

    Mango puff pastries on parchment paper

    The Spruce Eats / Julia Hartbeck

    Everyone adores a fruit turnover straight from the oven. These pastelillos de mangos (mango turnovers) have everything going for them—they're flaky, sweet, and easy to make. You can serve these tropical treats in the morning, afternoon, or evening because they go just as well with a cup of coffee as they do with a glass of dessert wine.

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    Krem Pita

    Serbian Custard Slice with Coffee

    ffolas / Getty Images

    It's no surprise that Serbians swear by this traditional dessert. Krem pita (custard and cream cake) is made with a silky pastry cream filling sandwiched between golden, crispy layers of puff pastry. Though you can make your own pastry from scratch, save yourself time and energy by using the store-bought variety instead, especially if you're cooking for a crowd. Adventurous home bakers can also attempt the slightly more complex Serbian sampita, which involves both meringue and pastry cream.

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    Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish

    Blueberry cream cheese Danishes with fresh fruit

    The Spruce / Leah Maroney

    No brunch is complete without a plate of Danish pastries—they're a perfect size, and they go so well with coffee. This foolproof recipe calls for cream cheese and vanilla extract, two ingredients that pair perfectly with tart blueberries and crispy, crunchy puff pastry. You'll hear sighs of contentment as your guests bite into their creamy, flaky Danishes. These are the perfect treat for a baby shower, bridal shower, Easter brunch, or summer picnic.