12 Pumpkin Pie Recipes

Classic pumpkin pie shot from overheard

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The pumpkin pie is an essential dessert for the fall and winter holidays. You don't have to be into baking to make many of these delicious homemade pumpkin pies. They range from pumpkin pies with homemade pastry crusts to easy no-bake pies in graham cracker crusts.

If you're making a pastry crust, I recommend you partially bake it before you fill it. Pies with custard-type fillings are notorious for their soggy bottoms. Though many recipes call for an "unbaked crust," you'll see better results with a partially baked crust.

So, whether you're looking for the classic pumpkin pie or an easy 10-minute version, you're sure to find the perfect recipe in this list.

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    Bourbon Pumpkin Pie

    Homemade Bourbon Pumpkin Pie
    Homemade Pumpkin Pie with Bourbon. Diana Rattray

    A splash of bourbon gives this pumpkin pie just the right amount of "spirit." You can substitute with orange juice, apple juice, milk, or an orange liqueur if you'd like. Use homemade pie pastry or refrigerated pie dough.

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    Spiced Pumpkin Pie With Molasses

    Pumpkin Pie With Molasses
    Diana Rattray

    Molasses and a variety of spices flavor this delicious pumpkin pie. The pictured pie was baked in a frozen gluten free crust. Feel free to use pie pastry sheets or homemade pastry.

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    Classic Autumn Pumpkin Pie

    Autumn Pumpkin Pie
    Pumpkin Pie Photo Credit: Diana Rattray

    This classic spiced pumpkin pie is a tried-and-true favorite. Serve this pie with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle with a little cinnamon or cinnamon-sugar.

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    Easy Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake
    Diana Rattray

    This layered pumpkin cheesecake is baked in a pie shell. Bake this pumpkin cheesecake pie for the holidays.

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    10 Minute No-Bake Pumpkin Pie

    10 Minute Pumpkin Pie
    10 Minute Pumpkin Pie. Diana Rattray

    This easy pie really does take just 10 minutes to prepare if you use a purchased graham cracker crust. You should make it at least 2 hours in advance so it has plenty of time to chill in the fridge. 

    This no-bake pumpkin butter pie is similar. It's made with a jar of prepared pumpkin butter instead of puree.

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    Classic Pumpkin Pecan Pie

    Classic Pumpkin Pecan Pie
    Pumpkin Pecan Pie Photo: Diana Rattray

    Can't decide whether to make a pecan pie or pumpkin? This wonderful pie is truly the best of both worlds. 

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    Perfect Pumpkin Pie

    pumpkin pie
    Hero Images / Getty Images

    This popular pumpkin pie recipe makes 1 pie. It's the perfect combination of spices, eggs, and half-and-half (or light cream) along with the pumpkin puree. If you would like to avoid a soggy bottom, I recommend partially baking the crust, 

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    Pumpkin Pie with Graham Cracker Crumble

    Pumpkin Pie with Graham Cracker Crumble
    Pumpkin Pie with Graham Cracker Crumble Photo: Diana Rattray

    A crunchy, buttery graham cracker crumble creates a topping for this great tasting pumpkin pie, or sprinkle it over individual servings. 

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    Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

    Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie
    Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie Photo: Diana Rattray

    This pumpkin pie is a great choice for a holiday feast. The luscious cream cheese layer makes it rich and delicious. 

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    Pumpkin Pie With Spiced Oat Crust

    Pumpkin Pie With Oat Crust
    Pumpkin Pie With Oat Crust Photo: Diana Rattray

    The unique spiced oat and pecan crust is quick and easy to put together and it's a nice change of pace from a heavier pastry crust. Make extra crumbs for garnish or garnish with toasted pecans.

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    Pumpkin Pie With Pecan Streusel

    Pumpkin Streusel Pie
    Pumpkin Streusel Pie Photo Credit: Diana Rattray

    The crunchy brown sugar and pecan streusel topping makes this pumpkin pie extra special. 

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    No-Bake Pumpkin Butter Pie

    No-Bake Pumpkin Butter Pie
    Diana Rattray

    This pie is a no-bake pumpkin pie made with pumpkin butter and cream cheese. It's easy to prepare with a baked pastry crust or graham cracker pie crust.