Pyrex's Simply Store Container Set Is Worth the Hype

Put a lid on your storage struggles with this high-quality container set

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Pyrex Simply Store Round Glass Storage Set

Pyrex Simply Store Round Food Container Set

The Spruce Eats / Tierney McAfee 

What We Like
  • Stain- and odor-resistant

  • Durable, high-quality tempered glass

  • Dishwasher-, freezer-, and microwave-safe

  • Tempered glass bases can withstand any oven temperature

  • 2-year limited warranty

What We Don't Like
  • Lids are not microwave safe despite being advertised as such

  • Containers get very hot in the microwave

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to simplify your food storage, Pyrex's Simply Store Round Glass Storage Set will prove convenient and versatile. 


Pyrex Simply Store Round Glass Storage Set

Pyrex Simply Store Round Food Container Set

The Spruce Eats / Tierney McAfee 

We purchased the Pyrex Simply Store Round Glass Storage Set so our reviewer could put it to the test in her kitchen. Keep reading for our full product review.

Somewhere near the Island of Lost Socks lies the Island of Mismatched Tupperware. If you’re ready for a fresh food storage start, this nestable container set will help transform your cabinets from tumultuous to tidy. And like all Pyrex glassware, these containers are just as at home on your shelves as they are in your fridge, microwave, oven, and dishwasher. More durable than plastic containers, these quality pieces are a great investment for anyone ready to get serious about food storage.

Keep reading for our review of the set’s design, material, price, and more.

Pyrex Simply Store Round Food Container Set
 The Spruce Eats / Tierney McAfee

Design: Spacious and space-saving 

This handy six-piece set includes a 2-cup, 4-cup, and 7-cup round glass container, each with an airtight blue plastic lid. While the containers offer a spacious interior for all your food storage needs, they also tuck neatly inside each other, saving valuable cabinet space in our tiny kitchen. 

This set may be called “Simply Store,” but it does so much more than keep your food fresh. The containers can also be used to microwave, reheat, and bake food in the oven. They can even be used for measuring ingredients during cooking since the measurements are conveniently embossed on the bottom of each container in quarts and liters/milliliters.

We found the 7-cup container to be perfectly sized for multiple leftover meals, while the 2- and 4-cup containers were better suited to meal prep and lunches. During the two weeks that we tested this set, we used the 2-cup container to store sliced fruits and vegetables, as well as single servings of leftovers. We used the 7-cup container to store dinners that we made in advance for busy weeknights and the 4-cup containers for individual lunches. 

The 4-cup container traveled well and didn’t leak in our backpack on the way to work (more on that below). We love that the containers are microwave-safe, so we could easily store, heat up, and eat our meals in the same container. 

The 4-cup container traveled well and didn’t leak in our backpack on the way to work.

The containers held up well in the microwave, but we noticed that they were often too hot to handle after a couple of minutes of heat. While this isn’t ideal, it is typical for glass, so use paper towels or pot holders to remove the containers. 

One of the only drawbacks we found with this product is that the lids are not microwave-safe despite being advertised as such. After we microwaved one container with the lid on for five minutes, the top became warped, and a little piece melted into the glass container. The lids will face a similar fate if used in conventional or convection ovens, which Pyrex advises against. 

We also tested the containers for leakage by filling them with water, turning them upside down, and shaking them around vigorously. For the most part, we found that the lids remained secure, and none of the liquid leaked out, except for one incident in which the lid completely slipped off of the 7-cup container. We think we were just a little overzealous with our shaking, though, as when we tested one of the containers in a more realistic scenario—bringing soup to work—it didn’t suffer any leaks. 

Pyrex Simply Store Round Food Container Set
The Spruce Eats / Tierney McAfee

Material: Durable and time-tested

Pyrex glass kitchenware has stood the test of time for more than a century. In 1915, the brand became the first to release consumer cooking products made with temperature-resistant glass. Many people keep their Pyrex glassware for a lifetime, pass them down through generations, and collect the brand’s vintage casserole dishes and mixing bowls. 

All Pyrex glass is made in the United States, which will surely be a selling point for some, and it lives up to its hype as being remarkably resilient and durable. While there have been reports in recent years of Pyrex cookware exploding when it gets too hot, we didn’t run into any problems using the containers in the oven at 375 degrees. When we reached out to the company’s customer service, they informed us that Pyrex glassware can withstand any temperature in the oven, as long as it’s preheated and not on a broiler setting. To be safe, we recommend using your Pyrex containers at 350 degrees or less. 

One of the only drawbacks we found with this product is that the lids are not microwave-safe, despite being advertised as such.

We used the 7-cup container in the oven to make vegetable lasagna pie, which came out evenly cooked and delicious. We also liked that the simple yet attractive glass bases can double as serving containers, easily making the transition from our oven to our kitchen table.

Another great thing about this set is that the lids are made out of BPA-free plastic, which means they don’t contain bisphenol A, a chemical commonly used to harden plastic food containers while causing fetal development issues

Pyrex Simply Store Round Food Container Set
The Spruce Eats / Tierney McAfee 

Care: Easy to clean 

Dishwasher-safe bases and top-rack dishwasher-safe lids make these containers extremely easy to clean. Each piece held up well after multiple washes, with the lids retaining their original shape. Unlike plastic containers, Pyrex glassware is nonporous, and it won’t absorb food odors, flavors, or stains. We put this to the test by storing spaghetti sauce in one container for a couple of days, and it washed up clean and clear. 

Price: Lots of bang for your buck

Glass food storage containers are certainly more expensive than plastic ones, but we think this set’s quality and versatility make it well worth the $20 investment. Plus, it comes with a two-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

Rubbermaid Food Storage Container Set vs. Pyrex Simply Store Round Glass Storage Set

To see how the Pyrex stacked up against other glass sets on the market, we also tested the Rubbermaid Glass Food Storage Container Set (view at Amazon). Rubbermaid’s offering consists of one 1-cup, two 1.5-cup, one 2.5-cup, and one 4-cup container with easy-find plastic lids. Like the Pyrex containers, the Rubbermaid containers can also be used for storage, baking, serving, cooking, and microwaving. The biggest perk of the Rubbermaid set is its cleverly designed lids, which feature a “press to seal” button in the middle to ensure a tight, leak-proof fit. The set is a bit more expensive at $30, but it does offer ten pieces as opposed to Pyrex’s six.

Final Verdict

Go for it!

Like the Pyrex name itself, this sturdy and dependable container set will stand the test of time in your kitchen.


  • Product Name Simply Store Round Glass Storage Set
  • Product Brand Pyrex
  • UPC 071160092280
  • Price $19.99
  • Weight 3.70 lbs.
  • What’s Included 2-cup round dish, 4-cup round dish, 7-cup round dish, 3 lids
  • Material Glass and BPA-free plastic (lids)
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