Whip Up Quick and Easy Dinners Your Family Will Love

Quick and Easy Dinners Your Family Will Love
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What's for dinner? These three words invoke stress in working mothers everywhere. After getting up early, spending all day at the office and playing chauffeur to countless after-school activities, dinner is the last thing on your mind.

While meal planning for the week go check out our Busy Cooks page. There you'll find quick and easy recipes that your family will love to eat and you will love to whip up during the week.

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    Quick and Easy Healthy Dinners

    Quick and Easy Healthy Dinners
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    We've all been there. Weeks when the evening schedule is packed with school concerts, sporting events and endless errands. While it's tempting to order takeout or head to the nearest drive-through at dinnertime, those choices can be both expensive and unhealthy.

    Instead, consider these dinner options designed specifically for busy cooks. They're quick, easy and healthy.

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    Quick and Easy 5-Ingredient Dinner Recipes

    Quick and Easy 5 Ingredient Meals
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    Open any cookbook and most of the recipes will include a rather lengthy list of ingredients. After a long day at the office, the last thing most working moms want is a complicated recipe that takes a long time to get on the table.

    The solution? These five-ingredient recipes that are sure to become family favorites.

    Then, there are some nights when even five ingredients seems like too many. Does that sound like you? Then keep reading!

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    Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes with Only 3 Ingredients

    Check out these three ingredient meals for a quick weeknight meals
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    Have you ever had one of those days where you hit the snooze too many times and overslept? Then you rushed around trying to get everyone ready and out the door on time. Traffic was worse than usual and you were late getting into the office. Then, of course, the school calls in the middle of your afternoon meeting to let you know your child is running a fever and needs to be picked up. When you get home you discover that you left the milk sitting out on the counter all day.

    On days like this, you don't just need a quick and easy meal; you need a meal that almost cooks itself.

    You need a recipe like these that are easy as 1-2-3!

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    Quick and Easy Dinners You Can Make Ahead

    Try a Once a Month Cooking Session or make one of these meals ahead of time to have a quick and easy dinner during the week
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    From a time management perspective, the best way to handle dinner each night is to plan ahead. Trying to decide what you will serve for dinner while on the way home from the office is not a very organized approach. And did you know that last-minute stops at the grocery store throughout the week are one of biggest time wasters for working moms?

    Here are some make ahead meals that will make you feel awesome heading home from work. Nothing beats having dinner ready when you get home!