22 Fun Raspberry Cocktails to Mix Up

Enjoy a Berrylicious Drink or Two

Raspberries are a perfect fruit for making delicious cocktails. Whether it's a raspberry vodka or liqueur, fresh raspberries, or a raspberry syrup, there are many ways to bring the berry's sweet taste into your drinks.

You'll also find that raspberries are very versatile. They pair perfectly with other fruits, from blueberry to mango, and some liquors you might not expect (Campari, anyone?). A few recipes even put a berry twist on the most popular cocktails. It's a fun collection to explore and there's an exciting new drink waiting for you to mix up.

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    Floradora Cocktail

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    One taste of the Floradora and you'll fall in love. This early 20th-century Broadway-inspired cocktail is easy and its ingredient list doesn't do the flavor justice. To make it, choose your favorite gin, juice a lime, and decide which raspberry liqueur to pour. Top it with ginger ale and taste the magic.

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    French Martini

    French Martini
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    The French martini is an explosion of flavor with just three ingredients. It is the ultimate fruit martini and its tantalizing taste of raspberry and pineapple has placed it at the top of all-time favorites. Whether you choose vodka or gin is up to you. With that fruity background, either is a worthy candidate.

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    Clover Club Cocktail

    Classic Clover Club Cocktail

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    Raspberries don't make many appearances in classic cocktails, but they put on a show when they do. The original Clover Club cocktail uses gin, egg white, and raspberry syrup and it is truly amazing. While the modern trend has been to pour grenadine as a substitute, it's just not the same as the berry-infused sweetener.

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    Raspberry Vodka Lemonade

    Raspberry Vodka Lemonade

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    Fresh raspberries succumb to the muddler in this easy vodka lemonade. The cocktail comes together quickly with a little citrus vodka. It's also the perfect excuse to make fresh-squeezed lemonade during the summer.

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    Knickerbocker Cocktail

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    A classic cocktail, sweet raspberries take center stage in the Knickerbocker. It's essentially a rum sour sweetened with raspberry syrup and the darker fruit profile is a nice change from other fruity rum drinks. While it really shines during the summer, it's also perfect for any occasion.

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    Raspberry Snakebite

    Raspberry Snakebite - Vanilla Porter, Hard Cider, and Fresh Raspberry Beertail
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    The snakebite is a mix of beer and hard cider and it's a nice foundation for experimentation. In the raspberry snakebite recipe, the beer becomes vanilla porter and fresh raspberry juice makes it a little more interesting. It's a fun way to enjoy the darker beer in the summer.

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    Raspberry Caipirinha

    Raspberry Caipirinha
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    The raspberry caipirinha recipe requires just four ingredients. You'll need a handful of fresh raspberries, lime juice, and a dash of sugar. Those are muddled then topped with your favorite cachaça. It's as simple and quick to mix up as the original caipirinha and just as refreshing.

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    Gummy Bear Margarita

    Gummy Bear Margarita Cocktail Recipe

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    Few drinks will bring out your inner child as quickly as the gummy bear margarita. This yummy drink features a fruity combo of watermelon, cranberry, and citrus, but the real star of the show is the raspberry-kiwi tequila! The infusion takes about a week and it's worth the wait.

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    Raspberry Bellini

    Raspberry Bellini Cocktail
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    Bellinis are among the best brunch cocktails. When you're ready for something new, give the raspberry Bellini a try. The traditional peach flavor is replaced with fresh raspberries and it includes a shot of cachaça. All you need from there is a bottle of Champagne and an amazing drink is yours to enjoy.

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    Raspberry Margarita

    Frozen Raspberry Margarita - Easy Tequila Cocktail Recipe
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    Break out the tequila and the blender and enjoy a sweet, fruity margarita. This recipe is for a frozen cocktail made with fresh raspberries. You can enhance the flavor with a dash of liqueur as well. And, if you want to skip the blender, the raspberry margarita is incredibly easy to adapt to the shaker.

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    Raspberry Mojito

    Raspberry Mojito Cocktail
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    Raspberries are the perfect fruit to give new life to a favorite drink. In this case, it's the mojito. Fresh raspberries are added to the rum-mint mix and the berry profile is enhanced with a small amount of Chambord. The play of cool mint off sweet fruit is delightful and the raspberry mojito is sure to become a new love.

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    Raspberry Press

    Raspberry Press Cocktail
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    A rather obscure drink, the vodka press is a simple and refreshing highball made with two clear sodas over a shot of vodka. That's easy enough, but the raspberry press tosses in a modest twist and all you need is raspberry-flavored vodka. It's cool, refreshing, and simply a delightful drink.

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    Garden Patch Smash

    Colleen Graham's Garden Patch Smash Cocktail
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    Fresh from the garden, this recipe is a berrylicious delight. The garden patch smash begins with homemade raspberry-lavender syrup, then builds on that with fresh blueberries and lime, along with a shot of tequila. Finish it off with lavender soda and a refreshing, fruity drink is ready.

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    Very Berry Cosmo

    Van Gogh Vodka's Very Berry Cosmo Cocktail
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    The cosmopolitan is a great cocktail and it has inspired countless drinks over the years. This very berry cosmo recipe gets its raspberry twist from Chambord. It's really interesting against an açai-blueberry vodka and the cosmo's typical triple sec and cranberry juice.

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    The Rustic Manhattan

    Rustic Manhattan Cocktail

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    The rustic Manhattan is a fun twist on a favorite whiskey cocktail. It has an apple whiskey base and uses raspberry vermouth as the modifier. You can either infuse the berry flavor into dry vermouth or go the quick and easy route with a raspberry muddle. Either way, it's a nice way to change up your Manhattan routine.

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    Superman Shot

    Layered Superman Shot
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    The Superman shot gets its name from the layers of yellow, red, and blue—Superman's signature color scheme. The blue comes from blue raspberry vodka, making this a party shot that goes down easy.

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    Ruby Negroni

    Ruby Negroni Cocktail - Beefeater 24 Gin
    Beefeater 24 Gin

    The ruby Negroni includes everything that is great about the original Negroni: gin, Campari, and fortified wine. Raspberry syrup brings in its fruity sweetness and the cocktail is finished off with sparkling Prosecco. It's a fabulous new twist to ​a favorite aperitif.

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    Cold in the Shadows

    Campari's Cold in the Shadows Cocktail Recipe by Pamela Wiznitzer

    It's interesting to note that Campari really is a great match for raspberries. It's a hidden flavor pairing and the sweet fruits take the bite out of the bitter aperitif. Not only does the cold in the shadows recipe feature that duo, but it is finished off with an IPA. That's right, beer and Campari can get along!

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    French Sparkle

    Chambord's French Sparkle Cocktail
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    If you're looking for a spectacular cocktail for raspberry vodka, the French sparkle should do just fine. The "sparkle" does come from Champagne, but underneath the bubbles is a tantalizing mix of mango and raspberry. It's an unusual pairing that works unbelievably well.

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    Waterloo Sunset

    Waterloo Sunset Champagne Cocktail
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    The Waterloo sunset is a beautiful and elegant cocktail that will help you celebrate any occasion in style. A simple Champagne cocktail, the base is gin and elderflower liqueur and the flute is filled with sparkling wine before a layer of raspberry liqueur is added. As the drink settles, you get the joy of watching a beautiful sunset right there in your glass.

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    Nuts and Berries

    Nuts and Berries Cocktail
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    Creamy, indulgent, and easy to make, the nuts and berries is a throwback drink that still has some appeal. The "nuts" come from Frangelico and the "berries" from Chambord. Add milk and you have a PB&J in a glass!

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    Zipper Cocktail Recipe

     The Spruce Eats

    For a short and sparkling Chambord drink, mix up a zipper. This fun and fruity vodka cocktail is easy to remember, too. All you need is three ingredients, and they're all poured in equal amounts. Add more soda to make it tall and even more refreshing.