Raw Vegan Chocolate Recipes Using Raw Cacao

Chocolate recipes for a raw vegan diet? Yes, please!

Use this collection of raw cacao dessert recipes to boost your arsenal of creative indulgences. You'll learn how to make raw chocolate cakes, puddings, cookies, milkshakes and more! Incorporate dates for wholesome sweetness, raw cacao butter for thickening to a velvety smoothness, goji berries for nutrition and walnuts for crunchy goodness.

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    Raw Vegan Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake

    vegan cheesecake

    It doesn't get much better on a raw vegan diet than this ultra-gourmet raw food cheesecake with three flavors: chocolate, peanut butter, and vanilla. Try this raw vegan chocolate and vanilla cheesecake for yourself!

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    Raw Chocolate Bon Bons or Truffles

    chocolate bonbons and truffles

    Coconut oil, when refrigerated, solidifies and helps this wonderful creation hold its shape. Add all of your favorite nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and spices to create the truffle of your dreams. This recipe has countless variations as well, so you can customize it as you see fit.

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    Homemade Raw Vegan Chocolate

    Raw vegan chocolate bar recipe

    The Spruce Eats / Anastasiia Tretiak 

    Want to make delicious raw vegan chocolate at home using nothing but raw cacao and two other simple ingredients? Of course you do! Thankfully, Emily von Euw, author of Rawsome Vegan Baking has shared with us her technique for doing just that. 

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    Raw Chocolate Walnut Roulade Cake

    chocolate buckwheat cake

    Check out this step-by-step guide to creating a cake as beautiful as it is blissful! Roulades are cakes, layered with a filling, and rolled up to create a spiral of delicious delight. This raw version uses raw buckwheat as a "flour", and dates as a binder and sweetener.

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    Easy Raw Chili Chocolate Fudge

    chocolate fudge

    This recipe is made of chocolate and spice and everything nice. ​Use raw cacao butter as a binder and thickening agent for a melt-in-your-mouth raw food fudge. If you don't like spicy food, simply omit the chili pepper.

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    Raw Vegan Chocolate Fudgesicle

    Since nut butters do not freeze all the way in the average domestic freezer, they can be used in recipes that you want to remain a little soft (not ice hard). These puppies will take you back to the days of old. With all of the best ingredients, no refined sugars, or mysterious additives, these new-age fudgesicles will have you scouring the stores for Popsicle trays!