Rebecca Franklin

Since 1998, Rebecca Franklin has traveled the world and explored her own backyard, the hills of Pennsylvania, as a freelance lifestyle writer. She focuses on gourmet food, international cuisine, and healthy living.


Rebecca has developed hundreds of recipes, reviewed restaurants, and written dozens of food and travel articles for various print and online media, including the New York Times Company, Carblite, and Upstate Lake Living. She has contacts at gourmet food companies worldwide to bring readers the latest in culinary innovations and food news. Her passion for French food is channeled into giving private cooking lessons in her spare time.

Rebecca Franklin

Join me in discovering the amazing tastes and traditions of French food and the related cuisines throughout the world, including Belgian and French-Canadian food. Learn the intricacies of French cooking techniques and the ingredients of the cuisine. As you get comfortable with the recipes, you'll find yourself becoming creative with the dishes you prepare. You're on your way to mastering the art of the French kitchen. Bon appetit!

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