20 Recipes for Sinterklaas

What to Cook & Eat on the Netherlands' Favorite Feast Day

Taai Taai cookies
Turku Gingerbread/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

The most popular Dutch feast day, Sinterklaas (the Feast of Saint Nicholas) on December 5 is all about cinnamon-scented, almond-filled treats. Here are a few of our favorite recipes for the most beloved of Dutch holidays.

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    Classic Kruidnoten Recipe

    Faruk Ates/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    Their small size belies the aromatic punch packed by these homemade Dutch holiday cookies. Flavored with a heady blend of spices, including ginger, cinnamon, white pepper, cardamom, cloves and nutmeg, these gingerbread-style cookies are the one classic treat you can't do without on Sinterklaas.

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    Old-Fashioned Pepernoten Recipe

    Martijn van Exel/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

    Not to be confused with kruidnoten, these traditional aniseed and honey flavored cookies have a subtle licorice flavor, a rustic rusk-like shape, and a slightly chewy texture, which make pepernoten somewhat of an acquired taste. This recipe, from Koekje cookbook, couldn't be more classic.

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    Speculaas-Flavored Coffee Recipe

    Speculaas Coffee
    Andy One/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0

    Our speculaas coffee recipe makes a warming seasonal drink that tastes like a gingerbread-flavored hug. It is laced with an artisanal speculaas brandy known as Schelvispekel and topped with a snowy mound of whipped cream and toasted almonds. Aaaah, let the cold weather come....

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    Borstplaat (Dutch Fondant Candy Recipe)

    Borstplaat (Dutch Fondant Candy Recipe)
    Borstplaat (Dutch Fondant Candy Recipe). De Kookboekhandel

    This recipe for roomborstplaat from De Banketbakker cookbook makes a good, basic version of the traditional Dutch candy that is enjoyed on Dutch festive occasions such as Sinterklaas and Kerst. Use your favorite flavor extracts, (natural) food colorings and molds to create borstplaat in whatever shape, flavor or color you fancy.

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    Butternut Squash with Speculaas Spices Recipe

    Our baked butternut squash recipe is a seasonal choice for your family's fall table. We've punched it up with a little heat, using our favorite dried chili pepper flakes (we're obsessed with Turkish pul biber, which adds a superb smoky note) and added aromatic warmth with our stand-by mix of speculaas spices.

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    Fluffy Pancakes with Kruidnoten Recipe

    Kruidnoten Pancakes
    Kruidnoten Pancakes. Uitgeverij Loopvis

    These fluffy pancakes with kruidnoten from Maak Van De Noot Een Deugd cookbook are similar in size to drie in de pan, because you can fit three of these beauties in a large frying pan. Of course, a traditional drie in de pan recipe uses currants or raisins, while here spicy Dutch kruidnoten add flavor and interest.

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    Chocolate Covered Kruidnoten Recipe

    Dipping fragrant kruidnoten cookies in dark chocolate really brings out their best. Don't worry if they don't look as perfect as the shop-bought ones - they're homemade and much more delicious - and that's the point.

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    Duivekater Recipe

    Duivekater. Kosmos Uitgevers

    Duivekater is a sweet white bread that was traditionally enjoyed in the Zaanstreek area of the North Holland province at Sinterklaas, Kerst, and Oud en Nieuw. Bake it at home with this simple recipe from Het Nederlands Bakboek.

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    Traditional Taai-Taai Recipe

    Taai Taai cookies
    Turku Gingerbread/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    In days gone by there were separate bakers for cakes and cookies, sugar work, bread and pies in the Netherlands. In his book Koekje, well-known Amsterdam patissier Cees Holtkamp calls taai-taai "a typical cake baker's recipe". You will notice that the Holtkamp's recipe is somewhat similar to that of pepernoten. That's because pepernoten were often made from leftover taai-taai dough.

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    The Sinterklaas tradition of giving your loved ones a letter representing the first initial of their name in bread, cake or pastry dates back to the 16th century. The custom may have arisen from the habit of teaching medieval convent students to write using loose bread letters, which could be eaten as a reward when the student passed his test. With its flaky puff pastry shell and squidgy center of spijs(almond paste), our banketstaaf recipe is delicious for the holidays. The only real difference between it and the banketletter is the shape. Simply double the recipe given and shape into the letter of your choice before baking.

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    Bischopswijn (Bishop's Wine Recipe)

    Dutch Mulled Wine
    Dutch Mulled Wine. Westend61 / Getty Images

    This Dutch version of glühwein, a medley of red wine, oranges, lemon and spices, will warm you up after a bracing walk on a cold December day.

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    Speculaasstaaf Recipe

    Speculaas, speculaas, speculaas... it seems to be everywhere this time of year. Not only in the guise of those crispy speculaas cookies (often mistakenly dubbed 'windmill cookies' by tourists, referring to a common shape used), but also figurines, sweet almond paste filled bars and other speculaas-flavored cakes and pastries. This crispy speculaas log features a soft, flavorful spijs (almond paste) center and is decorated with almonds and crystallized brown sugar.

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    Spijscakes (Almond Paste Cakes)

    Our spijscakes (no, not that type of spacecake) are made with that Dutch seasonal favorite, almond paste (called spijs in the Netherlands), and enriched with almond liqueur. Flaked almonds add crunch and yet another level of deep almond flavor to these moreish muffins. While the use of spijs makes them a natural choice for Dutch festive occasions such as Pasen, Sinterklaas or Kerst, these cakelets are scrummy enough to enjoy throughout the year.

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    Apple & Pear Chutney with Speculaas Spices

    Speculaas spices
    Speculaas spices. FotoosVanRobin / Wikimedia Commons and Flickr / CC-BY-SA-2.0

    Our homemade blend of speculaas spices adds a Dutch touch to chutney, the Indian relish. Serve it with a cheese plate or your favorite stews or casseroles. The recipe makes enough so that you can give some away as a deliciously edible gift.

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    Creamy Kruidnoten Pudding

    As with traditional chipolatapudding, you could use any combination of nuts and candied fruits here, but instead of bitterkoekjes (bittersweet almond cookies similar to amaretti) this recipe from Maak Van De Noot Een Deugd cookbook uses kruidnoten to give a seasonal spin to the classic Dutch dessert.

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    Truffle Kruidnoten Cupcakes

    Inspired by truffle kruidnoten, these cupcakes may look sweet and innocent, but they have an aromatic edge thanks to our speculaas spice blend and the almost smoky caramel-flavor of brown sugar.

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    Traditional Speculaas Recipe

    Speculoos cookies
    Kimberly Vardeman/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    These delicious spiced cookies can be found in all shapes and sizes during the Sinterklaas season, and have become so popular that they're now enjoyed throughout the year. The cookies are formed using traditional molds - popular shapes include figurines and windmills.

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    Venison Stew with Kruidnoten Recipe

    Venison Stew
    Venison Stew. Uitgeverij Loopvis

    This venison stew recipe by Dick Soek, the Dutch chef-owner of Michelin-starred Het Schathoes in Leens, situated in the northern Dutch province of Groningen, uses kruidnoten cookies. Ingeniously, the cookies melt into the stew, giving off their spiced flavor, while simultaneously acting as a thickening agent.

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    Gevulde Speculaas Recipe

    Gevulde Speculaas
    Gevulde Speculaas. FotoosVanRobin / Wikimedia Commons and Flickr / CC-BY-SA-2.0

    Crispy layers of speculaas, that ginger-cinnamon flavored cookie, decorated with almonds, encase a soft, flavorful almond spijs center. What could be yummier for the holidays?

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    Truffel Kruidnoten

    The combination of gingerbread spices, creamy white chocolate and bitter Dutch cocoa powder really works here. The cocoa tempers the tooth-aching sweetness of the white chocolate, while the kruidnoten spices deliver their festive warmth. While "truffel kruidnoten" are a newfangled Sinterklaas treat, we happily predict that we probably won't be seeing the last of this new twist on the classic kruidnoten recipe anytime soon.