25 Delicious Recipes for the Perfect Spring Brunch

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    Avocado toast

    The arrival of spring means an active brunching season. There are no more excuses to stay inside like snow storms and freezing temperatures. A wonderful way to celebrate the warmer weather is hosting your own festive brunch in the comfort of your home. Guests will love the break from crowded restaurants with pricey brunch menus. Brunch at home can be a group effort–all your guests can bring a dish, pot-luck style–or the host can take the reigns.

    Look to your local farmer's market for...MORE season-friendly ingredients that you can use to whip up a glorious spring brunch. These 25 delicious recipes range from hearty to healthy. Try a variety of combinations of these dishes for the perfect spring brunch.

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    Spiralized Salad With Hemp-Dipped Avocado

    Spiralized salad with hemp-dipped avocado

    A lovely starter for your spring brunch is a healthy salad. Homemade zoodles from zucchini and beets with a side of spiralized veggies makes a filling brunch dish. Salads are great because they are self-serve, so friends can easily go back for seconds.

    Spiralized Salad With Hemp-Dipped Avocado recipe from Eye-Swoon

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    Little Oat Bread

    Oat and honey bread

    If you have friends that are gluten-free, they will love this little oat bread option. Tasty breads are always self-serve idea for entertaining. These small bread bites topped with apples and honey are easy to share and dig into.

    Oat and Honey Bread from Cannelle Vanille

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    Chia Breakfast Bowl

    Chia breakfast bowl

    A cute little chia breakfast bowl at each waiting at guest's seat is a wonderful way to start the morning. Edible flowers, finely sliced fruits, and nuts make great topping options. Another idea is to set out toppings in small self-serve bowls for guests to make their own breakfast bowl creation.

    Chia Breakfast Bowl from 101 Cookbooks

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    Avocado Toast

    Avocado toast

    There is currently nothing more brunch-worthy than a heaping serving of smashed avocado atop a perfectly cooked piece of toast. If you are interested in presentation, sprinkle a handful of edible spring flowers over your avocado toast before serving. 

    Avocado Toast from Hello My Dumpling 

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    Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs

    Smoked salmon and eggs

    For a savory brunch for two, try this classic dish of smoked salmon served alongside a poached egg. Add a frisée salad for a touch of green.

    Smoked Salmon with a Poached Egg from Up Close and Tasty

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    Liège Waffles

    Liège waffles

    Sometimes all you need is a big plate of sweet, fluffy waffles drizzled in maple syrup or topped with fruit preserves. These liège waffles are rich in taste but just the right size for a brunch group to share.

    Liège Waffles from Smitten Kitchen

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    Za'atar Breakfast Slice

    Za'atar breakfast slice

    A little za'atar and your breakfast pizza is transformed. We love this Mediterranean take on a brunch favorite.

    Za'atar Breakfast Pizza from Eden Eats

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    Grilled Cornbread with Maple Roast Peaches

    Grilled cornbread and peaches

    Warm grilled cornbread might sound like a winter delicacy, but when you throw some maple roast peaches on top, this is a dish ready for the spring.

    Grilled Cornbread with Maple Roast Peaches from The Brick Kitchen

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    Roasted Broccoli Rabe Tostada With Avocado, Fried Egg and Chimichurri

    Roasted broccoli rabe tostada

    A dish inspired by the healthy lifestyles of the west coast is this delicious roasted broccoli rabe tostada. Toppings like freshly sliced avocado, a fried egg, and some chimichurri give this brunch recipe brilliant flavor.

    Roasted Broccoli Rabe Tostada with Avocado, Fried Egg and Chimichurri from Cannelle Vanille

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    Chorizo Meatball + Eggs

    Chorizo meatballs and eggs

    Sometimes light greens and vegetables won't do for even a springtime brunch. If you have a large group of hungry people on your hands, some delicious chorizo meats and eggs in a delectable harissa sauce will do just the trick. 

    Braised Green Chorizo Meatballs + Eggs in a Harissa Tomato Sauce from Hello My Dumpling

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    Whole Wheat Pancakes With Raspberries

    Whole wheat pancakes

    For spring we often look for healthy food ideas without sacrificing the flavors we love so much. These whole wheat pancakes are just the what we need.

    Whole Wheat Pancakes with Raspberries from Up Close and Tasty

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    Kale Egg Breakfast Tacos

    Kale tacos

    Breakfast tacos make awesome brunch foods too! This taco sounds even more appealing served midday with a mimosa.

    Kale with Bell Peppers and Egg Breakfast Tacos from Let's Taco Bout It Blog

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    Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

    Cold-brewed iced coffee

    If you plan on hosting a brunch at your home, you should also plan on having enough coffee for everyone. A spring brunch calls for cold-brew vs. hot coffee. A quick tip is to prepare your cold brew overnight so it has enough time to sit.

    Cold- Brewed Iced Coffee from Smitten Kitchen

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    Lentil with Mushrooms, Kale and Eggs

    Lentils with mushrooms, kale and eggs

    A cast iron pan full of braised french green lentils and mushrooms topped with sauteéd kale and fried eggs is a recipe to please. This savory dish is health conscious without sacrificing flavor.

    Lentils with Mushrooms, Kale and Eggs from Cannelle Vanille

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    Satsuma + Carrot Cocktail

    Carrot cocktail

    It isn't truly brunch if there are no cocktails on the table. Instead of the traditional mimosa or bloody mary, try this twist on carrot juice with freshly squeezed satsumas and coriander. A splash of gin and bitters finishes off this healthy cocktail you can feel good about.

    Satsuma, Carrot and Coriander Cocktail from Hello My Dumpling

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    Breakfast Pizza

    Breakfast pizza

    A breakfast pizza is so much fun for those spring sleepovers with your children. Seasonally sourced toppings with an egg to top it off–there's nothing better! There is definitely a pizza topping idea for any time of the day.

    Breakfast Pizza from Smitten Kitchen

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    Homemade Bagels

    Homemade bagel

    Instead of buying bagels, try to make your own for brunch. We recommend starting prep for bagels the night before so that you can sleep in the next morning.

    Homemade Bagels from The Brick Kitchen

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    Almond Crusted French Toast

    French toast

    Another brunch classic that is too good to forget: Almond crusted french toast is great any time of year but for spring try fresh fruit as a topping.

    Almond Crusted French Toast from The Brick Kitchen

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    Tartines are a simple and delicious addition to your brunch spread. A thick, satisfying layer of ricotta with really high-quality prosciutto or Serrano ham is tough to beat. For toppings try slices of fresh fruit such as pears, apples, apricots or roasted grapes.

    Ricotta, Prosciutto and Something Sweet Tartines from Cannelle Vanille 

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    Spicy Blackberry Preserve

    Blackberry preserve

    A preserve or compote is wonderful to have on hand for toast, tartines, and other breakfast starters. This spicy blackberry preserve also makes a wonderful gift for guests to pack up post-brunch in a cute mason jar to bring home. 

    Spicy Basil Blackberry Preserve from  Hello My Dumpling

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    Curried Tomato Jam Toast With an Egg

    Curried tomato jam toast with an egg

    Bring a little spice to your brunch with this curried tomato jam and toast.

    Curried Tomato Jam Toast with an Egg from Eden Eats

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    Leek, Ham and Cheese Egg Bake

    Egg bake

    An alternative to quiche is this leek, ham and cheese egg bake. It's easy to serve and there is enough to go around for seconds.

    Leek, Ham and Cheese Egg Bake from Smitten Kitchen

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    Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

    Lemon ricotta pancakes

    Lemon and ricotta add a welcome twist to classic pancakes. Top them off with some homemade blueberry compote.

    Lemon Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes from Up Close and Tasty

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    Eggs Baked in Tomatillo Sauce

    Baked eggs

    Roasted tomatillo sauce is super versatile and the best ingredient for savory brunch dishes. These eggs baked in tomatillo sauce topped with a creamy labneh strained yogurt are a luxurious at-home brunch idea. Don't forget to top of your bowl with spicy chorizo bits!

    Eggs Baked in Tomatillo Salsa from Hello My Dumpling 

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    Apricots and Raspberries in an Oat Crust

    Fruit tart

    Serve up plates full of apricots and raspberries in an oat crust to satisfy the sweet tooth of your brunching guests. Also known as a tart, these small slices are the perfect ending to a spring gathering.

    Apricots and Raspberries in an Oat Crust from Cannelle Vanille