11 Vegetarian Meal Recipes to Celebrate World Vegetarian Day

You'll Never Miss The Meat in These Classics

World Vegetarian Day is an annual event that takes place every first of October. The event was founded by the North American Vegetarian Society (or NAVS) in 1977 and still takes place every year.  Per the event's website, they state that is is used as a kick-off to their month long vegetarian awareness campaign. Their mission is to help people become aware of the health benefits of vegetarianism as well as helping to save animals and our planet. 

I think, much like the Meatless Monday Campaign, this annual event is a great way to raise awareness of what we put into our bodies and how that effects the Earth. While most of us aren't and probably won't become vegetarians,  I still think that it would be great to try it on this World Vegetarian Day. Below are eleven recipes based on classics and transformed into meat-free delights. Enjoy! 

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    Vegetable Pizza With Tofu Base and A Drizzle of Sriracha Hot Sauce

    Vegetable Pizza With a Drizzle of Sriracha Hot Sauce
    Low-Carb and Gluten-Free. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    This low carb and high protein "pizza" is one adults and kids of all ages will love. It is easy to customise it not only to your favourite toppings, but whatever it is you have in your refrigerator.  

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    Chorizo Stuffed Portobello Cheeseburgers: A Vegetarian Burger Like No Other

    Chorizo Stuffed Portobello Cheeseburgers
    A Vegetarian Burger Like No Other. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    Vegetarian chorizo is stuffed inside portobello mushroom caps before being grilled. The results are amazing and even meat eaters will love it. 

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    Gluten-Free Corn Pasta with Spicy Cilantro and Cotija Pesto

    Gluten-Free Corn Pasta with Spicy Cilantro & Cotija Cheese
    A Delish Twist on The Classic Pesto Recipe. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    The classic Italian pesto recipe gets a spicy makeover. Then it is used to coat a hearty corn pasta and make a filling vegetarian meal. 

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    Apple, Pear, and Goat Cheese Galette with a Spicy Touch

    Apple, Pear, and Goat Cheese Galette with a Spicy Touch
    It's a Dessert, Snack, or Main Dish. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    Who says rustic pies can only be sweet! In this recipe we give it sweet, savoury and spicy tones. The results are phenomenal and come together nicely. Serve the galette as a lunch, dinner, or even dessert. 

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    Lentils Spiced with Cinnamon and Sriracha Sauce

    Lentils Spiced with Cinnamon and Sriracha Sauce
    Ready in no time and perfect any day of the week!. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    Though cinnamon might not be the first spice you think of adding to lentils, you should really consider it. Cinnamon's sweet aromatic tones pair wonderfully with the savouriness of lentils -- plus don't forget to add that spicy-garlicky Sriracha touch. 

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    Spicy Tofu and Veggie Stir Fry

    Spicy tofu and vegetable stir fry with crushed red peppers
    Spicy Tofu and Veggie Stir Fry. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    This healthy vegan meal can be ready in 30 minutes. It loaded with vegetables, soy protein, and great flavours. You'll not only love how easy it is to prepare, but also the taste. 

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    Snow Peas with Gernika Peppers & Red Chili Flakes

    Sautéed Snap Peas and Peppers
    Snow Peas with Gernika Peppers & Red Chili Flakes. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    Served on top or alongside of perfectly steamed jasmine rice, this stir fry is to die for. The crisp, crunchy snow peas with the peppers and chili flakes make a heavenly combination that is great light meal. 

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    Easy Vegan Mushroom Curry

    Easy Vegan Mushroom Curry (with Chicken Option)
    Full of Great Flavour and Delicious with Rice or Naan Bread. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    Mushrooms are a good source of vegetarian protein. This super easy curry recipe is loaded with vegetables and mushrooms to make a complete meal. Don't forget the butter coated naan bread! 

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    Chili with Spicy Green Peppers

    Vegan Chili with Spicy Green Peppers
    Perfect for #MeatFree Days!. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    You'll never miss the meat in this vegetarian chilli (without carne) recipe. The recipe is easy but keep in mind that the longer the chilli cooks the better it will taste.  

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    Jalapeno and Portobello Tofu Scramble Tacos

    Jalapeno and Portobello Tofu Scramble Tacos
    Makes a great breakfast, lunch or dinner!. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    Scrambles don't have to include eggs -- and when prepare like this you won't even notice the eggs not there. Tofu is crumbled then cooked with vegetables to create a scrumptious scramble taco treat. 

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    Lentil Soup Spiced with Baharat and Green Chilies

    Lentil Soup with Baharat Spice
    A Vegetarian Soup Full with Exotic Flavours. Foodcollection/GettyImages

    Spices are everything to cooking, they can transform the most ordinary foods into gourmet feasts. In this recipe a Middle Eastern spice called baharat is used to elevate the flavours of lentils to a new dimension. You'll want to always keep baharat in your spice cabinet after cooking with it for the first time.