Recipes of Ancient Greece

NicolasMcComber / Getty Images

The foods of ancient Greece were varied, with a concentration on vegetables, legumes, fruits, and fish - although meat was also eaten. Meats were roasted on spits, cooked in ovens, and boiled. Fish was often cooked with cheese. Wine was watered down and sometimes garlic was added. The technique to make the very thin phyllo dough had been discovered sometime around the 4th century B.C.E., so it's likely that sweets like baklava were also eaten - but no sugar!

Honey was the traditional sweetener, as were figs and products made from naturally sweet grapes.

According to the Alimentary Habits in Ancient Greece, the oldest known recipe is for slices of fish cooked with cheese and oil. Measurements were vague since it was presumed that a good cook would know the correct amounts. Men did the roasting of meats over coals or on spits (ancient barbecues), and women did the baking, boiling, and oven cooking.

To get a taste of ancient Greece, here are recipes that reflect both ingredients and cooking techniques of ancient times.