Red Velvet Cake Recipes

Red velvet cupcakes
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Although the details are sketchy at best, the famous red velvet cake is not as Southern as many like to think. The story, which began circulating some time in the 1940s, claimed that Manhattan's elegant Waldorf-Astoria granted a diner's request for the recipe and later billed her $100. The angry woman, apparently with revenge in mind, then began circulating the recipe along with the story.

Home cooks do seem to love cakes with an unusual story or a "secret ingredient." Wacky cake, tomato soup cake, and mayonnaise cake are just a few of the unusual cakes we all have in our recipe files, so it's no wonder Southern cooks embraced the delicious and colorful red velvet cake. Despite the legend, the cake turned out to be a winner, perfect for Christmas, Valentines Day, and just about any other holiday or special occasion.

Many of the red velvet cake recipes below come from forum members and many include a cream cheese or cooked frosting recipe, but it would be delicious with any white frosting you choose.

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