All About Al Fresco Chicken Sausages

Can a Healthy Sausage Taste Good?

Al Fresco Chicken Sausages


Years ago, even though we hadn't come across Al Fresco chicken sausages in our local grocery store, we remembered reading an article in the New York Times magazine, about an unusual marketing campaign where people acted as agents of Al Fresco and brought the sausages to friends' July 4th cookouts. This helped boost sales of Al Fresco chicken sausages by as much as 100% in some areas. Fortunately, we recently had the opportunity to try Al Fresco chicken sausages and were pleasantly surprised.

Less is More

Admit it, if you’re told a product is healthy and low in fat—say, 75% lower fat than a regular product—it might make you think it would be lacking in some way. Without all that fat, something has to give, right? Well, this certainly isn’t the case with Al Fresco all-natural chicken sausages, which have a quarter the fat of regular pork links. And with most varieties having just a few grams of carbohydrates per serving—only two varieties having 7 g. and 10 g.—Al Fresco chicken sausages fit nicely with low carb diets as well as low-fat diets.

Moreover, Al Fresco chicken sausages have no preservatives, nitrites, nitrates or artificial ingredients, which should make moms feel good about feeding these chicken sausages to their kids. Even your gluten-intolerant spouse will be happy to discover them since many other sausages contain breadcrumbs as fillers. But not these.

For Breakfast or Dinner

Al Fresco has so many different varieties of their chicken sausages, you could eat them nearly every day for two weeks and not tire of them. Each pack offers tasty recipes and serving suggestions in case you're feeling uninspired.

The breakfast chicken sausages feature:

  • Apple Maple with pure Vermont maple syrup
  • Country Style with sage and thyme
  • Wild Blueberry with pure ​Vermont maple syrup

Choose from numerous dinner varieties, some fresh and some fully cooked. Our particular favorites are:

  • Teriyaki Ginger fully-cooked chicken sausages with ginger and chili peppers, which we used in a stir-fry with onions and green peppers.
  • Cranberry Orange fresh chicken sausages, which we enjoyed with rice pilaf.
  • Italian Herb chicken sausages with balsamic vinegar, which are great in pasta sauces.

Other dinner varieties include Mango Chipotle, Tequila Lime with fresh cilantro, and Spicy Jalapeño with roasted peppers. There’s also Sweet Lemon with Tarragon, Buffalo Style, and Roasted Garlic with onion, plus a few more—certainly enough variety to suit every taste.

Can You Stop at Just One?

The flavors are well balanced, and even though we admit there were some taste combinations you might not normally choose in a sausage (like the blueberry ones), we were pleasantly surprised. Al Fresco chicken sausages are juicy and delicious, with a great mouthfeel.

Only one minor word of caution for those watching their fat intake. As low fat as Al Fresco chicken sausage is—reduced, say, from 28 g. of fat to 6 g. with many of the dinner sausages—a serving size is just one link, so don’t go overboard and eat too many of them at one sitting, even though you might want to.