Revive Superfoods vs. Daily Harvest

A direct comparison between these two meal delivery services

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Revive Superfoods bowl

Spruce Eats / Kristy Del Coro

Revive Superfoods and Daily Harvest both started out selling frozen smoothie packs, but they have since expanded their offerings to include sweet and savory food items like oat cups, grain bowls, soups, energy bites, nut mylks, and more. Both companies are 100% plant-based and offer subscription services for home delivery of single-serving, ready-to-heat frozen items. Both companies also feature specialty functional “superfood” ingredients that are not typically found in other meal delivery services.

Ultimately, we found that Daily Harvest has a more extensive menu apart from its smoothies as compared to Revive Superfoods and will offer more variety for those wanting to use a meal delivery service on a regular basis. Daily Harvest also has more universally eco-friendly packaging for all of its items, whereas Revive Superfoods’ packaging will only be recyclable in certain locations.

The Spruce Eats is aware of a Daily Harvest recall related to customers being sickened after consuming its French Lentil + Leek Crumbles menu item. We are watching the situation closely and will consider this when we re-evaluate Daily Harvest.

Revive Superfoods Pros and Cons

  • Fast, convenient preparation

  • Preservative-free

  • Great customer service

  • Some recommendations for added liquid seemed off

  • Small portions for some items

  • Limited selection in some categories

Daily Harvest Pros and Cons

  • Primarily organic ingredients

  • No artificial ingredients or preservatives

  • Extensive, flexible menu options

  • No substitutions

  • Only single-serving sizes

  • Some dishes can’t be easily replicated

Revive Superfoods vs. Daily Harvest: Price

Both companies operate on a "box" system, where customers choose either a small, medium, or large box and fill it with whichever menu items strike their fancy. Revive Superfoods offers boxes of nine, 12, or 24 items, and Daily Harvest offers nine, 14, or 24. On price alone, Revive Superfoods offers the best deal for smaller orders and Daily Harvest is a better value for larger orders. While the majority of Daily Harvest's menu items are pricier than similar items from the Revive Superfoods menu, Daily Harvest offers volume-based discounts that can knock up to $25 off the total cost. Both companies offer free shipping.

Daily Harvest's menu options range in price from $5.99 to $11.99, while Revive Superfoods ranges from $6.99 to $8.99. While Daily Harvest technically has a lower starting price, that only applies to the lattes on the menu. The next lowest Daily Harvest price point is $6.79 for "forager bowls," which are breakfast-leaning oat, chia, or grain bowls topped with fruit or vegetables. Revive Superfoods' oat bowls are $6.99 each, which is only slightly pricier than Daily Harvest.

From there, most of Daily Harvest's offerings are a bit higher in price than Revive Superfoods. Daily Harvest's soups and smoothies are $8.49 each, while Revive's are $6.99. Daily Harvest's grain-and-veggie "harvest bowls" are $9.79 each, and Revive's similar "meals" are $8.99. Additionally, both companies offer plant-based frozen desserts, with Daily Harvest ringing in at $8.99 each and Revive Superfoods at $7.99. However, it should be noted that portions from Daily Harvest are often larger and more substantial than those from Revive Superfoods.

On price alone, Revive Superfoods offers the best deal for smaller orders and Daily Harvest is a better value for larger orders.

Revive Superfoods vs. Daily Harvest: Meal Choices

Revive Superfoods food in containers

Spruce Eats / Kristy Del Coro

Daily Harvest offers greater quantity and variety of meal choices as compared to Revive Superfoods, but both offer a similar assortment of smoothies; Revive Superfoods includes 22 different smoothie options and Daily Harvest includes around 30. Revive Superfoods’ other categories (oat bowls, soups, meals, frozen desserts, and bites) are fairly limited with one to four options per category. Daily Harvest, on the other hand, has over 20 different options in the Harvest Bowl category and around three to 10 items in each other category (flatbreads, soups, forager bowls, bites, plant based mylks, lattes, and scoops).

Items for both companies are all packaged as single servings and the menus for both are 100% plant-based. Daily Harvest features a largely organic menu and offers clear messaging around sourcing priorities. Revive Superfoods commits to having preservative-free menu items, sourcing locally when possible, and identifies which items are organic when available.

Revive Superfoods vs. Daily Harvest: Creativity of Dishes

Flavors are interesting on both menus because of the use of a variety of fruits and vegetables and functional ingredients. Both rely on spices for flavor, but Daily Harvest offers a greater selection and range of global flavors due to the sheer variety of menu items. For smoothies, Revive Superfoods uses some unique ingredients such as sea berry, while Daily Harvest uses antioxidant-rich ingredients like acai and camu camu; both incorporate these in addition to a variety of seasonal and exotic fruits and vitamin-rich vegetables. Daily Harvest offers significantly more creativity on the savory menu items than Revive Superfoods does, as it features dishes like lentil + mesquite chili, cremini + miso oats, and butternut squash + kale shakshuka.

Revive Superfoods vs. Daily Harvest: Flavor, Freshness, and Quality

Daily Harvest meal cooking

Spruce Eats / Kristy Del Coro

While both services feature frozen produce, we felt that the ingredients in Daily Harvest seemed to be of slightly better quality than in Revive Superfoods, as they were brighter in color and flavor. We also had an issue because all of the Revive Superfoods items arrived thawed and were then re-frozen, so quality may have been compromised during this process.

There was a mix of items from both companies that lacked in flavor and mouthfeel from a lack of fat, texture, or seasoning, but we felt that the prevalent use of spices and the variety of internationally inspired flavors was better across the Daily Harvest menu items we sampled. Daily Harvest dishes were also more satisfying to eat even if there were some issues with mushy texture in some of the grain bowls. We also enjoyed the smoothie flavors and soups more from Daily Harvest and felt the dishes were more foolproof in terms of preparation than the ones from Revive Superfoods.

Revive Superfoods vs. Daily Harvest: Recipe Clarity/Difficulty

All menu items from both companies are very straightforward and simple to make since most just involve reheating as they come or adding a small amount of liquid prior to reheating or blending. Daily Harvest’s instructions were clear and easy to follow and the dishes we sampled were foolproof. Revive Superfoods did have some inconsistencies with the outcomes of the dishes when following the directions. For example, one smoothie we blended was much too thin with the amount of liquid suggested and another was too thick, so both required some basic knowledge on how to adjust them accordingly.

Another item that we reheated on the stove took longer than the directions stated, but this could have been because it had thawed upon arrival and refrozen into a large mass. While both companies have easy-to-follow recipes, we would select Daily Harvest for its consistency in this category.

Daily Harvest’s instructions were clear and easy to follow and the dishes we sampled were foolproof.

Revive Superfoods vs. Daily Harvest: Supporting Material

Daily Harvest packaging

Spruce Eats / Kristy Del Coro

Both companies included minimal supporting material, but Daily Harvest supplied a pamphlet that included some additional background information about the company. Daily Harvest also sends out emails after ordering that provide serving and prep suggestions for select menu items, along with reminders on how to compost or recycle packaging, instructions on how to download the Daily Harvest app, as well as a personal introduction to someone from the Daily Harvest Care Team. Revive Superfoods includes a large "Thank You" postcard in the box with a reminder that customers can modify a plan, edit cups, skip or pause orders, and reach out to customer service 24/7.

Revive Superfoods vs. Daily Harvest: Types of Diets Served

Revive Superfoods and Daily Harvest are entirely plant-based and offer an assortment of meals that are also gluten-free, keto, or paleo. Daily Harvest’s entire menu is gluten-free, while most of Revive Superfoods’ are gluten-free. Neither company offers customization of any products. Daily Harvest offers more variety in general because of its larger menu, especially for meals that fit into these diets and not just smoothies.

Revive Superfoods vs. Daily Harvest: Nutritional Value

Revive Superfoods falafel

Spruce Eats / Kristy Del Coro

The nutritional profile from both companies’ menu items is quite similar, as they're generally lower in sodium and higher in potassium due to the amount of fruits and vegetables they contain. Because Daily Harvest offers more variety, there is more to choose from for all meal occasions during the day.

We felt some of the supermeals for Revive Superfoods were very light and were not as filling as compared to the ones from Daily Harvest. But the oat bowls from Revive Superfoods were slightly richer and a bit sweeter. For example, the banana nut oat bowl (175g) from Revive Superfoods has 420 calories, 16g fat, 12g saturated fat, 63g carbohydrates, 10g fiber, 26g sugar, 8g protein, and 30mg sodium. The cinnamon banana oat bowl (152g) from Daily Harvest with a similar flavor profile has 380 calories, 12g fat, 3g saturated fat, 63g carbohydrate, 10g fiber, 15g sugar, 9g protein, and 40mg sodium.

Revive Superfoods vs. Daily Harvest: Customer Service

Our customer service experiences with each company were excellent. Revive Superfoods can be reached via email or chat. Daily Harvest provides more variety of customer service options, including by email, 24/7 botchat, and a personalized customer care agent assigned to customers. We communicated with both companies via email and received prompt responses that answered our questions clearly and succinctly.

Revive Superfoods vs. Daily Harvest: Making Changes and Canceling

Daily Harvest ice cream

Spruce Eats / Kristy Del Coro

Changes can be easily made to orders from both companies through account management online. Revive Superfoods requests that orders be modified or canceled prior to the scheduled billing date for the upcoming order, which is clearly listed in the online portal. Multiple weeks can also be skipped well in advance. Daily Harvest requests that changes to your box or account be made up until 6 p.m. ET on the Sunday before your box is scheduled to ship. This information is clearly indicated upon ordering and these changes can be done online or through the app. Note: Revive Superfoods does not have an app that works in the U.S.

Revive Superfoods vs. Daily Harvest: Additional Features

Both Revive Superfoods and Daily Harvest offer the ability to order gift certificates for subscriptions. Daily Harvest also offers gift boxes that include a selection of products that can be pre-selected and sent to an individual.

Final Verdict

Revive Superfoods and Daily Harvest have a striking number of similarities in terms of company history, offering entirely plant-based food, and providing options for several diets. Both companies also highlight “superfood” ingredients across the menu items. However, after comparing the two companies, Daily Harvest stands out for its variety, overall quality, and consistency. While Revive Superfoods had excellent customer service, we found the experience at Daily Harvest, from ordering to receiving to preparing, to be more streamlined, user-friendly, and inviting (partly due to the better packaging and branding), making us more excited and likely to order again.


Our testers ordered from, cooked, and rated 40 different meal delivery services. We carefully scored each one based on meal selection, nutritional information, sustainability, and customer service, as well as the flavor, freshness, and quality of each meal and ingredient. Our Spruce Eats tester panel includes dietitians, chefs, and longtime food writers. The one thing they all have in common is their love and knowledge of food.

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