Rich and Creamy Vegan Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Homemade chocolate fudge photo
Homemade chocolate fudge photo by Kirk Masten / Getty Images
  • Total: 10 mins
  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 0 mins
  • Yield: about 6-8 servings

Another quick and easy vegan fudge recipe. Yes, it is quite easy to make a delicious dairy-free vegan fudge with just a few simple ingredients. Just make sure to use a vegan chocolate chip brand to make sure your fudge is 100% vegan. This recipe isn't particularly low in fat, but it is cholesterol-free and dairy-free! Scroll down for more vegan chocolate fudge recipes to try.


  • 6 oz soy creamer or liquid non-dairy creamer
  • 1 bag chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup cocoa
  • Optional: 1 cup chopped nuts

Steps to Make It

  1. Over medium-low heat, bring the creamer to a simmer and add the vegan chocolate chips, stirring until melted. Be careful not to burn the chocolate, and reduce the heat if needed.

  2. Stir in the cocoa and nuts.

  3. Spread in a shallow baking dish and refrigerate until firm.