A Traditional Christmas Duck Dinner Menu for the Holidays

Everything you need to create a feast around the bird

christmas roast duck dinner
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When you want to go all out and impress guests with a traditional Christmas dinner, a whole roast duck is the answer. With its rich, dark meat and crispy skin, a well-roasted duck is infused with a marvelous flavor that will have everyone asking for seconds. It's important to get the bird right, of course, but you'll also need starters, side dishes, desserts, and drinks to round out the feast. Make it a holiday dinner to remember with wonderful recipes to pair with your special entree.

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    Roasted Whole Duck

    Roast duck for the holidays

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    This genius recipe for roast duck walks you through a two-step process to create a showstopping holiday bird. First, the duck is pierced and simmered in a stockpot to remove excess fat from the meat. Then, it's dried, seasoned, stuffed with herbs and citrus, and roasted to mouth-watering perfection.

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    Pea and Mint Soup

    Pea and Mint Soup

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    Use frozen peas and fresh mint leaves to make this vibrant soup. It's a wonderful way to wake up palates before sitting down to a traditional Christmas dinner of roasted duck. It cooks in just 30 minutes and can be served hot or at room temperature.

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    Guinness and Cheddar Biscuits

    Guinness and Cheddar Biscuits

    Diana Rattray


    The stouty flavor of Guinness comes through in these tender old-fashioned cheddar biscuits. Serve warm with butter at the start of the meal, and keep them on the table for sopping up extra sauce and drippings on your dinner plate.

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    Cranberry Coulis

    Cranberry Coulis Recipe

     The Spruce

    This thick, sweet-tart cranberry coulis makes a special accompaniment to holiday duck. Orange liqueur, ground cloves, and cinnamon take it up a notch from the usual cranberry sauce or relish.

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    Spinach, Feta, and Blood Orange Salad

    Spinach, Feta and Blood Orange Salad with Orange Sumac Dressing

    Anita Schecter


    Blood oranges come into season in December and they add beautiful color and citrusy zing to this lovely winter salad, which also features tangy feta cheese and and simple homemade dressing flavored with lemony sumac.

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    Apple and Fennel Challah Stuffing

    Apple and Fennel Challah Stuffing

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    If you enjoy a stuffing with roasted fowl, try this tasty recipe baked in its own dish. It's made with fluffy challah bread cubes, fennel, apples, onion, garlic, and sage, plus lots of vegetable broth to keep it moist.

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    Braised Cabbage and Onions

    Braised Cabbage and Onions

    Molly Watson


    Cabbage is a classic side dish for duck and this savory, slow-braised recipe with onions makes a warming side dish for your holiday spread. Just four ingredients are needed, making it budget-friendly, too.

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    Vegan Barley, Wild Rice, and Cranberry Pilaf

    Vegan Barley, Wild Rice and Cranberry Pilaf

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    This colorful and nutritious pilaf will quickly become a family favorite. It's made with nutty-tasting wild rice and whole grain barley that's studded with bright red cranberries and flavored with orange juice and fresh parsley. Chopped walnuts add extra crunch.

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    Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes

    Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes

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    A buttery, well-seasoned Parmesan cheese sauce flavors this dish of heavenly scalloped potatoes. You need only a handful of ingredients, plus an hour for baking, to create the essential holiday side dish.

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    Green Bean Saute

    Green Bean Saute With Garlic

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    Tender-crisp green beans sauteed with butter, plenty of garlic, and a few added spices add fresh flavor to your holiday plate. Dress them up, if you like, by tossing a handful of slivered almonds into the pan when cooking.

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    Chocolate Pots de Creme

    Chocolate Pots de Creme

    Leah Maroney


    End your dinner on a luscious note by serving these thick, rich individual French pots de creme spiked with espresso. Use a candy thermometer to measure the perfect point for adding the custard to the chocolate to guaranteed impressive results.

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    Blood Orange Panna Cotta

    Blood Orange Panna Cotta

    Elaine Lemm


    Blood orange panna cotta makes a showstopping dessert for your roast duck dinner and is easier to make than you may think! Just four ingredients are used for the creamy, citrusy dessert served in individual ramekins.

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    Santa's Whiskey Flip Cocktail

    Santa's Whiskey Flip Cocktail

    S&C Design Studios


    Here's a festive twist on a classic Whiskey Flip that adds a little eggnog flavor to the mix. Whiskey, amaretto, an egg, and powdered nutmeg go into the creamy Christmas cocktail that your guests will surely flip over.

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    Winter Warmer Mulled Sangria Cocktail

    Winter Warmer Mulled Sangria Cocktail

    Christina Karl


    This mulled sangria is warm, spiced, and comforting—everything we want in a winter drink. It's served hot and makes an inspired punch for your winter holiday dinner parties. Even better, you can keep warm in a slow cooker and have guests help themselves to a cup.