Roast Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

The roast turkey is the quintessential main dish choice for most traditional Thanksgiving feasts. Here are the most popular and most-requested Thanksgiving turkey recipes and ideas.

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    Herb Roasted Turkey

    Herb Roasted Turkey
    Diana Rattray

    This whole turkey roasts to perfection with a mixture of herbs and olive oil under the skin and all over the bird. Use small amounts of dried herbs along with the fresh herbs for more flavor. I used fresh dill, rosemary, and chives, along with about 1/2 teaspoon each of dried leaf marjoram and thyme.

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    Brined Turkey Breast

    Turkey Breast
    nicolebranan /E+/Getty Images

    Brine adds flavor to this juicy whole turkey breast. Let the turkey breast soak in the brine overnight, and then rub it with some oil and basic seasonings before roasting.

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    Orange Glazed Turkey Breast

    Orange Glazed Turkey Breast
    nicolebranan /E+/Getty Images

    This flavorful turkey breast is compact and delicious, and it's perfect for a small family. Or, roast it for the excellent sandwiches and leftovers you'll have for a few days.

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    Basic Turkey Brine With Rosemary and Sage

    Basic turkey brine
    Claire Cohen

    A dry turkey is a big disappointment, and most people agree that a simple brine helps make a juicier, tastier holiday turkey. Water, salt, sugar, and herbs make up this basic, easy brine for turkey.

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    Turkey With Herb Butter and Maple Glaze

    Roast Glazed Turkey
    Joseph Gareri/E+/Getty Images

    Here's a flavorful maple-glazed turkey for Sunday dinner or a special holiday meal. Serve this turkey with mashed potatoes, tossed salad, and your favorite side vegetable or vegetable casserole.

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    Pavochón - Puerto Rican Roasted Turkey

    spicy roast turky
    Michael Pohuski/ Getty Images

    Roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving in the manner of lechón (suckling pig) has been a tradition in Puerto Rico since the island became an American commonwealth and adopted the holiday. This flavorful recipe will go over well with the most discriminating of tastes.

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    Classic Roast Turkey

    classic roast thanksgiving turkey
    Tom Grill/The Image Bank/Getty Images

    This classic roast turkey recipe is a good option for cooks who already know what herbs they prefer in their seasoning. Use these directions as a guide and modify to suit your specific tastes.

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    Roast Turkey With Bacon

    roast turkey with bacon
    Rick Poon/ Moment/ Getty

     Roasting turkey doesn't need to be complicated. This straightforward recipe uses the universally beloved breakfast meat to keep the turkey breast from drying out and to add flavor.