10 Romantic Martinis for Valentine's Day

Cocktail Recipes Made for Lovers

Valentine's Day Martinis

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When it's time to turn up the romance, few drinks will serve the purpose better than a martini. There are many great recipes that are perfect for Valentine's Day, and there's something special for every couple. From interestingly flavored vodka martinis to unique twists on the whiskey Manhattan, let's explore fantastic cocktails that are sure to make your valentine smile.

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    Manhattan Love Story

    Tuthilltown Spirits' Manhattan Love Story Cocktail

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    A love story in a glass, this is one in which whiskey and sake come together in flawless harmony. It's a true delight and has a great background of flavor that is sure to spark the romance.

    The Manhattan Love Story recipe pairs a fantastic small-batch whiskey with your favorite sake. Ginger liqueur adds a snap of flavor to make it really interesting, and Peychaud Bitters finishes it off with perfection.

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    Marriage of Figaro

    Judy Bronson's The Marriage of Figaro Cocktail
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    If you really want to impress, infuse some whiskey with fig and create this unique cocktail. The fig is a natural aphrodisiac, and we all know about the effects of alcohol, so the Marriage of Figaro is a real winner for a romantic dinner.

    Beyond the fig-infused bourbon, the recipe requires straight bourbon, Cardamaro, and allspice dram. The end result is a flavorful and intriguing digestif that tastes far more extravagant than it really is.

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    Bed of Roses

    Jagermeister' Bed of Roses Cocktail
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    If you're still associating Jägermeister with raucous party drinks, it's time to rethink its reputation and mix it into a high-class cocktail. The Bed of Roses recipe is an excellent place to begin.

    This luscious cocktail pairs the herbal liqueur with sweet grenadine and a good dose of citrus. It's a sweet and sour experience backed by a complex array of herbs, and it certainly is a lovely little drink.

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    Passion Cocktail

    Passion Cocktail
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    Sometimes you just want to get a little spicy, and Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse. That's why we're bringing the cosmopolitan into the world of tequila.

    The Passion Cocktail should be treated just like the famous cocktail that inspired it. That means you'll want to splurge on a great tequila. It's also best with an all-natural cranberry juice, fresh lime, and a top-shelf orange liqueur like Grand Marnier.

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    The Chrysanthemum

    Chrysanthemum Cocktail
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    The Chrysanthemum is a cocktail that breaks away from the sweet, pink drinks that are typically associated with Valentine's Day. Yet, it is a perfect aperitif for romantic dinners.

    The mix is simple and a delightful twist on the brandy metropolitan. It showcases dry vermouth over anything else, uses your favorite brandy, and adds a hint of absinthe for depth. It's a perfectly balanced flavor.

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    Passion Pearl

    Passion Pearl Cocktail

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    Simple, yet lovely. This cocktail sparks feelings of those first days when you fell in love, and it is incredibly easy to create.

    All you need for the Passion Pearl is your favorite rum and a passion fruit vodka. Add triple sec, fresh lemon, and bitters and voilà—a romantic cocktail is born.

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    Heart and Soul Cocktail

    Heart and Soul Cocktail (aka Classic Soul Kiss Cocktail)
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    The sentiment of the heart and soul cocktail is quite lovely. This classic cocktail will make a charming addition to your Valentine's Day, just as it has for countless lovers over the decades.

    The mix is quite simple. It pairs whiskey with dry vermouth, complementing that with orange juice and Dubonnet. It's a wonderful, enlightening flavor profile you will enjoy sharing.

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    Whiskey Daisy

    The Classic Whiskey Daisy Cocktail

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    A timeless cocktail, the Whiskey Daisy is as impressive as it is simple. It's also likely that you have everything you need right there in your bar.

    The key to a great whiskey daisy is to choose a top-shelf whiskey and your favorite rye or bourbon will do just fine. To that, you'll bring in a mix of sweet and sour along with a touch of Grand Marnier and soda. It truly is a cocktail for sipping in style.

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    English Rose

    English Rose Cocktail
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    We cannot discuss martinis without including gin. The English Rose is a perfect candidate for your Valentine's Day because it sweetens things up in the most interesting way.

    This pleasant cocktail begins with a dry gin martini base. To that, you will add apricot brandy, grenadine, and fresh lemon juice. Drop in a maraschino cherry and enjoy.

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    Lotus Blossom Martini

    Lotus Blossom Cocktail
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    When you want to bring some Eastern flair to date night, few cocktails can beat the Lotus Blossom Martini. It's no more difficult than any of the others, and the flavor is sure to create some sparks across the table.

    This delightful recipe begins with a muddle of lychee, lime, and syrup. You'll then add a shot of pear vodka along with sake. It's the ideal companion for any meal featuring Asian cuisine.