17 Intriguing Rye Whiskey Cocktails

There's So Much You Can Do With a Bottle of Rye

Rye Whiskey Cocktail
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Rye whiskey is featured in a number of cocktail recipes, from timeless classics to modern creations that offer extraordinary, complex flavors. It's a versatile style of whiskey—rye's signature spice always lets you know it's there, no matter what you're mixing it with.

While the selection of rye whiskeys was rather limited not long ago, it's back in full force! There are many great ryes to explore today that are just waiting for a place in your cocktail adventures.

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    Vieux Carre

    Vieux Carre Cocktail

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    The Vieux Carre may, in fact, be rye's signature cocktail. This fascinating mix came out of New Orleans' 1930s cocktail scene and the drink is simple—rye, cognac, Bénédictine, sweet vermouth, and bitters—but the taste is profoundly complex.

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    Classic Sazerac Cocktail

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    New Orleans has long been a hub for rye whiskey cocktails and the Sazerac is another gem. This very old recipe uses a very long pour of rye, a sugar cube soaked in bitters, and a hint of anise liqueur. Mixing it is a ritual in itself, and drinking it is an unforgettable experience.

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    Classic Manhattan Cocktail

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    Whiskey aficionados know that the Manhattan can be made with any whiskey, but rye was the original choice. Proof can be found in "The Professor" Jerry Thomas' books. The 1887 version calls for "1 pony of rye whiskey," "1 wine-glass of sweet vermouth" and bitters. For a taste of the oldest-known Manhattan, grab your rye and recreate this favorite!

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    Waldorf Cocktail

    Classic Waldorf Cocktail
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    Building on the Manhattan's success, rye was also the whiskey of choice in the famous Waldorf cocktail, a signature drink of the Waldorf-Astoria Bar. You'll simply rinse your glass with absinthe before adding your rye and vermouth mix, for a gentle kiss of sweet anise flavor.

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    Ward Eight

    Ward Eight Cocktail on the rocks

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    Cocktails with a whiskey sour approach are also fair game for rye. One you'll definitely want to try is the Ward Eight. It's also been made with bourbon for many years, but it truly deserves rye. The mix of lemon and orange juices with a hint of grenadine is the perfect complement to this bolder whiskey.

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    Whiskey Smash

    Jerry Thomas' Classic Whiskey Smash Cocktail

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    Though Jerry Thomas didn't define which whiskey to use for his famous smash recipe, rye is ideal. It's a bit like a mint julep, but brings zesty lemon into the mint-syrup mix. Easy to mix up (and easy to drink), it's a refreshing excuse to put your muddler to good use.

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    Saratoga Cocktail

    Classic Saratoga Cocktail

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    Brandy and whiskey have long been a dynamic duo in classic recipes, and the Saratoga cocktail is a perfect example. Essentially, this 1880s recipe splits the Manhattan's whiskey with an equal part of brandy. It's a pleasant change that's simple and delightful.

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    Whiskey Daisy

    The Classic Whiskey Daisy Cocktail

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    A bold rye whiskey will fare very well in the whiskey daisy. This classic is an amplified sour cocktail, pairing whiskey with lemon juice and simple syrup. The main difference is the addition of orange liqueur, and a splash of soda to give it some sparkle.

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    Whiskey Highball

    Classic Whiskey Highball Cocktail

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    If you ever have doubts on where to pour your whiskey (besides in your mouth), turn to the simple whiskey highball. There is no fuss with this recipe: all you need is whiskey and ginger ale. The sweet, slightly spicy soda is a great enhancement to any rye, and the ease of mixing it up makes it a great go-to for happy hour.

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    Morning Glory

    Classic Morning Glory Cocktail
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    Most drinks from the late 1800s don't include seven ingredients, so the morning glory is unique in that regard. This recipe also pairs rye whiskey with brandy then adds small measures of curaçao, absinthe, and club soda. The absinthe makes it especially memorable, definitely worth a taste.

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    Liberal Cocktail

    The Liberal Cocktail, A Classic Rye Whiskey Drink
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    An amaro liqueur makes an appearance in the interesting liberal cocktail. That single ingredient transforms this variation on a Manhattan into one of the best-tasting aperitifs you can mix up. Serve it as a dinner party opener, and enjoy the sensation of bitter-accented rye whiskey.

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    Algonquin Cocktail

    Algonquin Cocktail
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    Rye whiskey classics are filled with surprises, and another delightful wonder is the Algonquin Cocktail. The Prohibition-era drink pairs rye spice against dry vermouth, accenting the duo with pineapple juice. It's a great recipe for rye whiskeys.

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    Rock and Rye

    Rock and Rye - Homemade Whiskey Recipe
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    While you can buy rock and rye, it's fun to make at home. Originally a tonic to cure whatever ails you, this funky infusion deserves to be revisited with today's multi-faceted rye whiskeys. You'll need a few fruits and a couple of herbs and spices, but it's the rock candy that really makes it fun.

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    Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete Cocktail With Rye Whiskey

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    Forget the White Russian! The Sneaky Pete offers so much more flavor for a perfectly smooth, comforting mixed drink. You'll find the same coffee liqueur and cream combination, it's simply backed up by rye whiskey instead of vodka. For such a small change, it makes a big impact.

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    Cocoa Old-Fashioned

    Cocoa Old-fashioned Cocktail

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    Grab a bottle of rye whiskey, and start the chocolate infusion of your dreams! The cocoa Old Fashioned is a fun cocktail, and definitely not your typical sugary chocolate cocktail. The recipe calls for infusing the whiskey with cacao beans, then giving it the classic Old Fashioned treatment, complete with an orange and cherry muddle.

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    Pumpkin Spice Martini

    Pumpkin Spice Martini
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    Do you get a pumpkin craving when autumn arrives? You're not alone! The pumpkin spice martini is a great way to satiate that desire. The recipe accents rye whiskey with pumpkin and anise liqueurs, and gives you the option of adding an egg white to make the drink's mouthfeel creamier and more luscious.

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    PB and Bacon Shooter

    PB and Bacon Shot (Big Fat Elvis Bacon Whiskey Shooter)

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    The majority of shots don't take a day to prepare, but the PB and bacon is no ordinary shot: it's a project. This is your chance to make bacon-washed rye whiskey and peanut butter-infused almond-flavored liquor. If those aren't interesting enough, maple syrup and applewood-smoked sea salt might be enough to draw you in! Patience is key.