16 Sangria Recipes for Every Season

Blood orange sangria

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There are plenty of great reasons that sangria, in all its fabulous variations, is such a well-loved party drink. This popular, fruity, and refreshing wine-based cocktail (both red and white wine versions) feels fancy to serve, but it's actually one of the simplest big-batch cocktails for hosts to prepare and refill. What's also great is that sangria is an incredibly versatile drink that's easy to customize according to your taste in alcoholic spirits (there's usually some liquor in the mix), and whatever fruits and fresh herbs may be in season. This makes sangria absolutely perfect for serving at all your parties and gatherings the whole year round, from casual summer cook-outs and festive winter holiday drop-ins to elegant luncheons, bridal showers, and soirees all year long. To get you inspired to serve sangria at your next shindig, we've rounded up these delicious, creative sangria recipes that will help you get the party started.

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    Classic Red Wine Sangria Recipe (Sangria Tinto)

    classic red sangria
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    This Sangria recipe is called "classic" for a reason. This is the time-honored, red wine Sangria ("Sangria Tinto") that you'll find on menus throughout Spain. This easy recipe is mixed in a punch bowl, making it a great cocktail punch for a large party. Colorful and refreshing, featuring inexpensive ingredients, you can rely on this Sangria recipe whenever you need to serve a crowd, from game day and summer potlucks to your winter holiday gatherings.

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    Classic White Wine Sangria Recipe (Sangria Bianca)

    White Wine Sangria
    The Spruce

    Light and refreshing white wine sangria ("Sangria Bianca") is an easy and elegant party drink when you want to entertain in style. While you may think of white wine as a summer drink, this white Sangria recipe is a year-round party-pleaser with the addition of brandy and is versatile for dressing up with additional fruits. White wine lovers will adore the way their favorite tipple is highlighted by fresh, zingy citrus fruits in this fabulous and simple recipe. It's the perfect drink to serve for swanky events and casual get-togethers with friends, including brunches and bridal showers.

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    White Lightning Sangria Recipe

    White Lightning sangria
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    Here's a flashy Sangria recipe that's sure to light up any house party, whether you're chilling on the back deck or cozying up in the living room. Easy to make and quick to refill when guests beg for more, this white wine Sangria recipe offers a powerful, cocktail-style punch with the inclusion of vodka. Perfect for happy hour or a spontaneous gathering at any hour, this white wine Sangria recipe is one you can serve year-round.

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    Thai Basil Sangria

    Thai Basil sangria
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    Want to impress your guests at any time of year? Serve up this creative, yummy, inexpensive Sangria recipe that tastes like a pricey cocktail. Fragrant, fresh Thai basil leaves combine with white wine, brandy and citrus fruits in this refreshing party drink that looks as pretty as it tastes great going down.

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    Brazilian Sangria Recipe

    Brazilian Sangria

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    Add plenty of sexy danger to your usual party punch when you mix up this delectable Sangria cocktail recipe that features–wait for it—absinthe liquor. You'll knock your guests' socks off with the exciting flavors (and high alcohol-content) of this party cocktail drink that blends sugary Brazilian cachaca (a rum-like spirit), anise-flavored absinthe, and sweet red wine, all accented by fragrant orange liqueur and your choice of fresh fruits.

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    Sparkling Fig Sangria

    Sparkling fig sangria
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    Here's a truly special drink recipe for when you want to impress your guests. Sparkling wine is blended with light red wine and fragrant orange liquor, then highlighted with spices and finished with show-stopping fresh figs. It's the perfect, elegant drink to serve at your most important gatherings, from formal luncheons or dinner with the boss, to housewarming events when you're meeting the neighbors.

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    Thanksgiving Fall Sangria

    A glass of Thanksgiving fall sangria

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    The flavors of apple, pear, and orange blend with pomegranate juice, gin, brandy, and white wine to create this Thanksgiving fall sangria. Serve each glass with a cinnamon stick for a festive touch.

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    Silver Sangria With White Wine and Gin

    Silver sangria with white wine and gin

    Nolet's Gin

    When you're in the mood for a light, refreshing twist on classic Sangria, this white wine Sangria cocktail recipe with a twist may be just the punch your party needs. Make it a day ahead and let the flavors combine overnight, before serving to impress your guests at casual brunches and more formal luncheons. Gin combines with white wine, white grape juice, and seedless grapes to create a delightfully clean, fruity, and fresh flavor profile that your guests will love.

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    Autumn Apple Cider Sangria

    Autumn apple cider sangria
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    Celebrate the flavors of fall with this autumn-inspired Sangria recipe. You'll add extra pizzazz to all your fall parties and Thanksgiving gatherings when you serve this Sangria recipe that combines festive, sparkling white wine, sweet apple cider, and fresh apple slices. Garnished with cinnamon sticks for added flourish and taste, this seasonal drink is a gorgeous addition to your social events.

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    Warming Mulled Sangria Recipe

    Christina Karl's Winter Warmer Mulled Sangria Cocktail

    The Spruce / Christina Karl

    Mulled wine meets classic Sangria in this warming, spiced party beverage that's everything we want in a winter drink. This sweet and comforting party drink recipe features seasonal fall and winter fruits, marinate fruitcake-style in booze, and blended with wine and spices. It's the perfect thing to serve at all your cold-weather parties and gatherings, to make guests feel cozy and at home.

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    Blood Orange Sangria

    Blood orange sangria
    How Sweet Eats

    Brighten up your winter parties with this zesty, citrus-infused Sangria recipe featuring blood oranges (so named for the deep crimson color of their insides). Strawberries and raspberries complement the unique color palette of this white wine Sangria recipe. Prepared and served right in the pitcher, Blood Orange Sangria makes an impressive party drink that's easy to make and refill.

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    Strawberry Pomegranate Sangria

    Strawberry pomegranate sangria
    Sally's Baking Addiction

    Winter holiday gatherings call for a party drink that's cheerful, colorful, and tasty. This perfectly party-ready, bright Sangria is filled with festive pomegranate and sweet strawberries, for a tasty, sweet yet tart cocktail that will have your guests coming back for refills. Only five ingredients are needed to mix up a pitcher of this party drink.

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    Festive Cranberry Sangria

    Autumn and Winter Sangria

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    Just four ingredients are needed to create this cheerful, colorful red Sangria that's ideal for serving at festive holiday parties. Port wine combines with cranberry juice, orange and lemon slices for a tart and citrusy party punch that's a great addition to your holiday party buffet or dinner table.

    Festive Cranberry Sangria from The Spruce

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    Raspberry Tequila Sangria

    Raspberry tequila sangria
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    Sangria meets the Margarita in this deliciously refreshing, Mexican-inspired Sangria recipe with tequila. Raspberries muddled with white wine, tequila, and Triple Sec liqueur create the foundation of this boozy party drink, that will be a hit at all your gatherings. Craving this Sangria cocktail when fresh raspberries aren't in season? Simply swap in thawed, frozen berries, for a delightful party tipple you can enjoy all year round.

    Raspberry Tequila Sangria from The Spruce

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    Peach Mango Sangria

    Peach mango sangria

    The Spruce / Jennifer Meyering

    Light, fruity, and bursting with the sweetness of mangos and luscious peaches (plus a good amount of vodka), this Peach Mango Sangria is the perfect cocktail recipe to mix up when you want to indulge in the flavors of summertime. Serve it chilled to delight your friends and family at backyard barbeques, brunches, and parties.

    Peach Mango Sangria from Jennifer Meyering

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    Blackberry Vodka Sangria

    blackberry vodka sangria
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    Blackberry vodka adds something special to this red wine Sangria recipe that's a wonderful way to make use of this intensely flavorful fruit. Garnished with fresh blackberries and citrus fruit slices, this party drink recipe can be easily adjusted for sweetness or tartness.

    Blackberry Vodka Sangria from Snappy Gourmet