Sauce Recipes for Meat and Pork

Mushroom sauce
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These classic sauces, like the mushroom sauce, red wine reduction sauce and others based on the traditional demi-glace, can be served with meat and pork dishes, including grilled steaks, chops, and roasts.

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    Mushroom Sauce Recipe

    This classic Mushroom Sauce can be served with all kinds of roasted or grilled meat dishes, including steaks. It's made with sauteed mushrooms, shallots and just a splash of sherry.

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    Red Wine Reduction Sauce

    The Marchand de Vin (French for "wine merchant") Sauce is a finished sauce made by reducing red wine and chopped shallots with a basic demi-glace. Another ideal accompaniment for roasts and steaks.

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    Robert Sauce Recipe

    The Robert (pronounced "ro-BAIR") Sauce is a finished sauce made with onions, mustard, and white wine. The Sauce Robert can be served with any sort of meat but is particularly tasty with grilled pork.

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    Charcutière Sauce Recipe

    Another great sauce for grilled pork dishes, the Charcutière Sauce is basically a Robert Sauce garnished with chopped cornichons.

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    Lyonnaise Sauce Recipe

    In classical cooking, anything "Lyonnaise" indicates that there are onions involved. Thus, the Lyonnaise Sauce is a demi-glace based sauce made with onions and white wine vinegar. it pairs well with roasted meats, grilled pork, and even poultry dishes.

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    Bercy Sauce Recipe

    This version of the Bercy sauce, named after a district in the east of Paris, is a savory sauce for roasts and steaks. It's a lot like the red wine reduction sauce above, only it's made by reducing white wine instead of red.

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    Chasseur Sauce Recipe

    The Chasseur Sauce, from the French word for "hunter," is served with venison, rabbit, and other game dishes. It's made with sauteéed mushrooms and shallots and a white wine reduction.

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    Béarnaise Sauce Recipe

    Béarnaise is a rich, buttery, aromatic sauce featuring shallots, tarragon, ​and crushed black peppercorns. Béarnaise is typically served with grilled steak.

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    Madeira Sauce Recipe

    The Madeira Sauce is made by adding Madeira wine to a basic demi-glace. The Madeira sauce is great with roasts and steaks.

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    Port Wine Sauce Recipe

    Another sauce that's fantastic with roasted meats, the Port Wine Sauce is made by adding port wine to a basic demi-glace.