Sea Bass

A wide variety of fish, perfect for the grill

Grilling sea bass
John Anthony Rizzo/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Sea Bass is one of the most popular fish, yet most of the fish referred to as Sea Bass are not actually Bass. Scientists might balk at the idea that this loose family of fish, while not exactly related, all have some similar characteristics. For us what these fish share in common is what is important. This allows us the ability to use a wide variety of fish for one recipe or one fish for many recipes.

This being said the sea bass is a lean saltwater fish that is meaty and suitable for most types of cooking.

Black Sea Bass and Striped Bass are true Bass. White Sea Bass is actually a type of fish called a Drum, which is not really a Bass. The nearly extinct, but very popular Chilean Sea Bass is actually a Patagonian Toothfish; not something you'd order off the menu. Giant Sea Bass are Groupers. Anyway, you get the idea. Those doing the eating really don't care too much about scientific names. If it tastes similar, cooks similar, and looks similar, then it is Sea Bass. Now that's logic.

Sea Bass is great on the grill. Of course, the basic rules of grilling fish still apply. Start with a good, well oiled and cleaned grill. Once fish starts to stick it becomes problematic, especially fillets that don't hold together as well as steaks. Also, avoid overcooking your Sea Bass, making sure not to dry it out.

Be aware that the fish will stick a little on the grill. Sea Bass has a mild, yet delicious flavor. Try not to overpower the natural property of the fish, though I do recommend at least a light brush of oil over the fish to hold the seasonings in place. The fish is done once the meat is completely opaque through the middle and flakes easily with a fork.

This means that if you take a fork to the middle of the fish and lightly lift the meat apart it will have an even color all the way through and won't hold together.

Sea Bass is a great fish for many dishes. Grilled, it has a nice texture and wonderful flavor, making it perfect for everything from fish tacos to salads. Sea Bass is the fish equivalent to chicken breasts. If you really want something extra-lean fish, then look for the Black or Red Sea Bass. Either way, you can use Sea Bass as a meal by itself or as the meat in any of your favorite dishes.