15 Delicious Apple Recipes

Tasty Ways to Use Up Your Orchard Haul

rustic apple cake
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Apples are a wonderful way to celebrate the flavors of fall, but this sweet, tart, crisp fruit can be bought and enjoyed all year round. That's the beauty of apples, which have inspired so many different kinds of dishes. From savory Thanksgiving-style stuffing, to tangy side dishes, sweet spreads and tempting desserts, apples are one of the most versatile ingredients in a cook's kitchen. We've rounded up some of our favorite apple recipes to inspire you to make the most of this hero fruit.

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    Classic French Apple Tart Recipe

    french apple tart
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    What could be more elegant and welcome after dinner than a classic French Tarte aux Pommes? Serve this stunning baked apple tart to friends and family, and prepare to earn raves for your baking and presentation skills. A simple, homemade pastry tart is filled with homemade, luscious almond cream, then topped with sweet, sticky, caramelized apples fanned in the distinctive striking spiral pattern that's famous the world round, and finished with a light glaze.

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    Apple and Roasted Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

    apple soup
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    Fresh apples give this fragrant, satisfying butternut squash soup recipe a sweet kick. This delicious, autumnal hot soup is very easy to make and stands up well to being prepared in advance and reheated.

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    Pork Roast with Apple Stuffing Recipe

    roast pork with apples
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    Savory, comforting apple stuffing is the perfect complement to a juicy, tender, slow-roasted rolled pork shoulder roast. This fancy-looking dish that's easy on your budget makes an elegant holiday or dinner party entree. Herbed stuffing with sweet apple chunks, celery, onion, and garlic is so good, you'll want to double the recipe and serve some in a separate bowl as an accompaniment to the roast.

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    Easy Braided Apple-Walnut Strudel

    braided apple strudel recipe
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    We think this will become one of your go-to dessert recipes, once you've given it a try. This apple strudel recipe achieves dessert Nirvana–it tastes heavenly and looks impressive to serve, but is easy for you to put together, thanks to packaged ingredients such as puff pastry and pie filling.

    Make it for family gatherings, treat your family to it for weekend breakfast, or assemble it quickly when friends and neighbors drop in at the last minute for brunch. Makes a great hostess gift, too!

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    Rustic Apple Cake Recipe

    rustic apple cake
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    Make this moist, tender, delicious apple cake that's the perfect showcase for crisp, delicious apples. Quick and easy apple cake makes a great addition to your dessert repertoire. Finished with a dusting of confectioner's sugar, this pretty, great-tasting cake is perfect for after dinner or even as a sweet treat at breakfast or brunch.

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    Braised Cabbage With Apple and Onion

    apple cabbage slaw
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    Flavorful, sweet and sour braised cabbage makes a tasty accompaniment to your savory dinner entrees. Sliced cabbage is cooked slowly in a preparation that beautifully blends sweet and sour tastes, for a side dish with wonderful texture and deep flavor. Serve it the classic way alongside ham, sausages and pork, or as part of a vegetarian dinner menu of legumes, rice and salad.

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    Apple Pecan Muffins With Coconut

    apple muffins
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    Moist, decadent-tasting apple pecan muffins are packed full of scrumptious flavor. Apples, coconut, and chopped pecans are mixed into the lightly spiced batter in this recipe. Grab one to-go as a delicious breakfast to fill you with energy. Or, serve these yummy muffins for dessert, topped with vanilla ice cream.

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    Apple Chutney

    apple chutney
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    East Indian-style apple chutney is sweet and tangy and pairs beautifully with pork chops or baked ham, as well as making a great accompaniment to your party cheese platters.

    Tart, chopped apples are mixed with dried fruits, nuts, spices, and brown sugar to create a versatile, tasty condiment.

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    Vegetarian Apple Stuffing Recipe

    Vegetarian Apple Stuffing
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    Fresh, crisp apples deliver the flavors of fall in this yummy stuffing recipe, that makes a great vegetarian addition to your Thanksgiving table.

    Easy homemade bread stuffing recipe featuring sweet apples, tangy onions, crunchy nuts, and fragrant spices is comforting and delicious. You can use vegan margarine (in place of regular) to make this a vegan-friendly recipe.

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    Apple Cranberry Cobbler

    apple cranberry cobbler
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    Apple cobbler is a favorite family dessert across the country. This easy, delicious recipe combines sweet apples with tart fall cranberries for an old-fashioned, crunchy, gooey baked treat that's sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next family dinner, potluck or special event.

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    Cinnamon Apple Scones

    apple cinnamon scones
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    Scones are beloved as afternoon tea favorites, but they can also be served for breakfast or anytime of day. These simple yet special baked apple scones with an irresistible cinnamon-sugar topping are heavenly, whether you eat them right after they come out of the oven or save them for an evening treat.

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    Deep Fried Apple Fritters

    Deep fried apple fritter
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    These mouth-watering apple fritters are like miniature apple donuts, without the holes. Quick-fry a batch to enjoy at breakfast or brunch, or make them as a family dessert. Served warm on their own, or alongside vanilla ice cream, you can be sure they'll disappear quickly.

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    Caramel Apples

    caramel apples
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    Surprise–caramel apples are easy to make at home! You'll easily master this recipe, which is so fast and simple to make when you're short on time. Kids will love helping to make this tasty, carnival-inspired treat, too.

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    Apple Butter Recipe

    apple butter
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    Here's an oven method for making apple butter that turns store-bought applesauce into a rich, spreadable treat. Use apple butter as a spread on toast, to highlight the flavors of bacon and pork dishes, as a yummy addition to baked sweet potato casseroles, or fold it into your dessert sundaes.

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    Chicken Waldorf Sandwiches

    chicken waldorf
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    Chicken and apples are a surprisingly delicious flavor combination, especially when dressed up with celery and walnuts in a mayonnaise dressing. This yummy sandwich recipe takes a classic Chicken Waldorf Salad and puts it between two slices of raisin bread, to make a wonderful and different, light meal.