Seasonings & Flavorings

Flavor may be the key to good cooking. Get our tips for quality seasonings and flavorings to add spice or zest to your next meal.
A variety of flavored olive oils in various shaped bottles
How to Make Flavored Herbal Oils for Cooking
Blackened Tilapia
Blackened Tilapia
Ramp Butter
Ramp Butter
Tahini Lemon Dressing finished
Easy Lemon Tahini Dressing Recipe
Nigerian Curry Powder Recipe
Nigerian Curry Powder
Top view of delicious octopus with potato,olive oil and smoked paprika on table
Smoked Paprika Is the Solution to Your Cooking Fatigue
spices for homemade sazon seasoning
Homemade Sazón
sazon spices from loisa
Latinx Food Brands We Love
Marinara sauce
5 Common Sauce Mistakes and How to Fix Them
potato chip chicken
How to Bread Chicken
Chicken breast seasoned with poultry seasoning
What Is Poultry Seasoning?
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
9 Mouthwatering Ways to Cook With Roasted Garlic
Various salt crystals on a slate surface
A Guide to Different Types of Salt
A selection of balsamic vinegars in glass bottles
24 Balsamic Vinegar Recipes
How Salt is Made
How Salt Is Made
Easy Ras El Hanout Recipe
Easy Ras El Hanout
Bottles of grapefruit and oranges juice with whole fruit on a table
What Is Citric Acid?
Italian herb seasoning
Homemade Italian Seasoning
Argentinian-Style Chimichurri Sauce
Argentinian-Style Chimichurri Sauce
Garam Masala - The Magic Spice
Garam Masala - The Magic Spice
Sugar Cubes and Jar
All About White Sugar
Spicy and Versatile Aji Amarillo Sauce
Spicy and Versatile Aji Amarillo Sauce
Moroccan spices
Glossary of Spices Used in Moroccan Cooking
Herbs, salt, twine, and garlic for turkey brine recipe
Basic Turkey Brine
Close-up of gourmet vanilla beans
Pure Vanilla Extract vs Imitation Flavoring
Bowl of maple sugar
What Is Brown Sugar?
Blackened Seasoning
Blackened Seasoning
Ras el Hanout
10 Moroccan Recipes That Use Ras el Hanout
Dried fenugreek seeds
What Is Fenugreek?
Easy Chicken Wing Brine Recipe ingredients
Brining Poultry for Flavor and Tenderness
What Is Mint?
Spoonful of hot mustard powder
Homemade Dijon-Style Mustard Recipe with Juniper Berries
Whole and sliced ginger root
What Is Ginger?
Pork taco
Common Flavoring Ingredients in Traditional Mexican Cuisine
Old Bay-style seasoning mix with crabs
How to Make an Old Bay-Style Seasoning Mix
Homemade apple pie spice
Homemade Apple Pie Spice
Wood chips
What's the Difference Between Wood Chips and Wood Chunks?
Garlic dipping sauce
Mojito Garlic Dipping Sauce
Smoked Turkey Brine
Smoked Turkey Brine
Cajun Turkey Injection Marinade
Cajun Turkey Injection Marinade
Cuban sofrito
Cuban Sofrito
Colombo powder in a measuring cup
Colombo Powder Seasoning
Cassia cinnamon
What Is Cassia? All About Cinnamon's Cousin
Fresh herbs in a woven basket on a garden fence
Fines Herbes Classic French Seasoning Mix
Sloppy Joe Seasoning in a glass container
Sloppy Joe Seasoning
Fresh Rosemary
What Is Rosemary?
What Is Choka in Caribbean Cuisine?
Homemade salt
Homemade Seasoned Salt Blend
Savory Turkey Brine
Savory Turkey Brine
Annatto seeds
Achiote Oil
Marinated skirt steak
Easy Marinade for Steak
Italian Herb Turkey Injection Marinade
Italian Herb Turkey Injection Marinade
cajun seasoning ingredients
Salt-Free Cajun Spice Blend
Nutmeg and Mace History
Roasted Chicken With Curry Rub
Roasted Chicken With Curry Rub
Beef jerky
Jerky Cooking Tips and Hints
Pork Chop Dinner
Easy Pan-Grilled Pork Chops With Spicy Rub
Cajun seasoning in open jar
Homemade Cajun Seasoning
How to Make a Cheesecloth Bag of Herbs and Spices for Soup or Stock
Bring water to boil
Salt to Brine Ratio Is Important to Know